Boston Tea Party, 1773

The Boston Tea Party of December 16th 1773 was all about colonist throwing tea over board on the ships in the Boston harbor as they were protesting taxes on tea. Well you won’t be protesting when you win big on all these great slots games in celebration of this momentous event in US history. Americans back then had a taste for tea, but Americans today also have a taste for fun and winning money, so all US players are welcome to play all these great slots games in honor of that great day in US history. Maybe this will encourage them to protest the current US online gaming laws?

The Boston Tea Party occurred in Boston Harbor so let’s have some fun playing Harbour Master slots and get the party started, brought to you by Vegas technology. You can control the harbor and even park your yacht wherever you like when you play Harbour Master slots. Pull into port and have a seat in your captain’s chair as you’re going to enjoy playing this classic three reel one payline slots game. Right away you know you have arrived with the game’s stunning view of an authentic beautiful harbor image with lots of yachts, beckoning you to delve into this slot machine and start your spinning. Just the real thing for you, as this game has more to offer that a boatload of tea. The nautical symbols will keep you commanding your desire for more spins with all the traditional sea worthy icons such as binoculars, sailboats, a yacht, a compass and a clock which is also the scatter symbol. Pretty soon you’ll be having tea on the high seas.

The colonist filled the sea with tea and started the revolution for independence. You’re going to start a winning revolution when play Food Fight slots and fill your jeans with cash. Sometimes it takes a Food fight to change history and with huge jackpots to be won your next spin just might be a life-changing event. If you thought food fights were only in the movie Animal House, well with this 5 reel 9 paylines video game by Real Time Gaming will change all that. Soon you’re going to be throwing money around like a rock star when win these huge jackpots starting at $12, 500, a second jackpot worth $17,500 and the highest jackpot worth a huge $31,250! The colonists only had tea to play with while you’ll be entertained with all the colorfully illustrated graphical icons which are simply delicious to look at like: Chocolate Sauce, Hamburger, Spaghetti, Pie, Pizza, Tomato, Ice Cream, Cone, Topping, Cherry, Pie Plate, and Cream. You’ll also be licking your lips when you enter the Ice Cream Scatter Bonus game “Pick Your Victim” and the Food Fight bonus game as well.

The party has just started for all the US patriots who celebrate the history of their country and who are ready to play Red White and Win slots by Vegas Technology. It won’t matter what country your from, soon you’ll be singing the Star Spangled Banner when you win the big progressive jackpot playing this patriotic themed three reels, one payline traditional slots game. Red White and Win slots game has all the iconic US symbols to remind you of this great country like: A USA Flag, Bald Eagle, Washington, Seven, Single BAR, Double BAR, Triple BAR, Dollars, and the Statue of Liberty. You will enjoy playing this very colorful red, white and blue slots game and make any American proud. But if you want to win that big progressive jackpot, remember to bet 3 coins per spin and try to get 3 USA Flags on the payline to win your dreams. So there you go, start a party and a winning revolution of your own with these great slots. If the colonist can do it, so can you…right in the comfort of your own home.