Space Traders Slots

Space Traders Slots is made by London based software developing company Revolver Gaming. This cosmic themed 3D slot title introduces you to Queen Bea, her assistant Handy Max and Sam the robot. Queen Bea is in the business of space junk trading, but it isn’t only junk what she finds while cruising through space. There are plenty of riches as well to be found in between the planets and stars, and you are going to help her find them in this game.

Not Your Average Slot Machine Game

Space Traders Slots is not your average slot machine game. This is because it has a rather unusual number of reel spots that you can make use of. In total, you can spin symbols on nine slot spots, which are divided over a three reel and three row frame. Furthermore, you won't play with any pay lines in this game. Available wins are displayed on the pay table, so you know what you're playing for when you hit that spin button.

Win Big with Special Features

While playing, you can spin the LUCKY symbol on the reels. This randomly selected reel attribute should be spun on the reels at least three times in order for it to be beneficial. If you spin it three or more times, then it will freeze on its reel spot and stay there while you make a re-spin with the other symbols on the reels. This goes on for as long as Lucky Symbols keep appearing on reel spots.

Another feature to look out for in this slot machine game is the potentially very lucrative Space Junk Bonus feature, which takes place on a second screen. In this second screen bonus feature, you need to pick items in the hope that they reveal valuable rewards. You can choose to reject an item, or you can accept it.

Go After the Finest Riches That You Can Find in the Universe

Revolver Gaming knows how to create high quality slot titles, and Space Traders Slots is certainly one of them. It gives you a spinning experience that is enhanced by the cinematic 3D quality of its graphics, the power of its win values, and the high level of entertainment that it offers. Play this mobile friendly slot on an online casino platform that has the software products from Revolver Gaming on offer, and go after the finest riches that you can find in the universe.