GoodFishes Slots

You might have heard the famous mobster phrase "He is sleeping with the fishes" from the legendary mafia movie The Godfather, but thanks to GoodFishes Slots, one can now also say "He is doing crimes with the fishes. The mobsters in this Goodfellas, mafia themed slot title are actual fish. What's more, studying these fish a little bit closer might lead you to the conclusion that they share a resembles with the iconic Goodfellas movie gangsters James Conway (Robert De Niro), Henry Hill (Ray Liotta), and Tommy DeVitto (Joe Pesci).

If as far as you can remember, you have always wanted to be a profit looting gangster after seeing classic mafia themed movies like Goodfellas and The Godfather, but never got into the mafiosi life because you don't want to actually break the law, then GoodFishes Slots offers a great middle way. Try out this mafiosi themed slot title the next time you go online to make some entertaining slot machine spins.

Go on a Reel Spinning Crime Spree

In this game, there are five reels in total on which your reel spinning crime scenes will take place. In order to take your part of the loot, you need to make combinations of similar looking symbols on the slot reels. As mentioned above, these symbols are mafiosi fish, but you can also spin others, like for example bullet hole riddled, cigar chomping, cash staking high card icons. In addition, special features can be triggered with the wild clam shell symbol and the Frankie’s Bonus reel attribute. The latter one triggers the Frankie's Fishmonger reel spinning feature.

Scale up Your Profits with GoodFishes Slots

Just as there are plenty of fish in the sea, there are also plenty of treasures to be found under the water's surface. These treasures could be yours if you choose a life of spinning crimes on the slot reels of GoodFishes Slots. Locate this title at online casinos that have Revolver Gaming slots in their entertainment collections, and get involved into a daring underwater life of reel spinning crime right away.

Also, don't forget to watch or re-watch the classic gangster movie Goodfellas from iconic director Martin Scorsese to get a better understanding and appreciation for this criminally good slot machine title. And before you start your casino life of crime, remember Conway's wiseguy words: "Don’t be immoral with the money, do what’s right, you understand?"