777 Deluxe Slots

Before the modern video slots where introduced on the internet, most gamblers found their fruit machine kicks in land based casinos and bars. In those old-school days, the much simpler fruit machine wins where determined by symbols like oranges, lemons and cherries. Those classic fruit machine experiences certainly where a lot of fun, but so are the modern day video slot experiences that players can have online these days.

If you like both modern and classic fruit machines, then there is good news, because you are about to read about a unique game blends old and new slot machine elements together. That brand new game is called 777 Deluxe Slots, and it combines classic symbols with modern 3D graphics. In addition to that, you have a lot more win opportunities at your disposal than you would have when playing old-school fruit machines. Read on to find out more about this unique game.

Unique Gameplay Elements in the Slot Machine

In 777 Deluxe Slots, you need make symbol combinations with the help of five spinning reels. These combinations need to land on any of the slot machine's active paylines, from which there are 10 in total. What makes this game extra unique is the fact that not only can you make symbol combinations that go from left to right, which is the standard win setup in most online slot games, but also from right to left, and you can even place combination on the three reels in the middle. This opens up the doors to much more wins.

The second unique element in this slot title is the mystery attribute. Start to work those reels and you will soon see that question marks start to appear. These question marks can act the part of all the other symbols in the game. This feature will therefore bring you lots of fun surprises. What's more, if you spin three question mark reel attributes at any position during a game, you will notice that they become bonus symbols. The bonus round is activated and it takes place on a second screen. While playing in the bonus round, you have the opportunity to win a very rewarding progressive jackpot.

A Game for Every Kind of Slot Machine Fan

777 Deluxe Slots is so special because it successfully combines the simplicity of classic slot machine games with the cutting-edge graphical elements of modern video slots. This makes it a great game for both old-school reel spinners, beginners, and fans of modern day video slots. You can play this game at various online casino platforms such as for example Ignition Casino. Test this slot out for free to see if you like it, and then proceed to play for real money and extra thrills.