Mahjong Madness Slots

Mah jong is a game that originated in the South East Asia and has continued to this day in Asian culture. To those who know little about this game, they may be interested to find how Liberty Slots Casino has translated this game to something slot machine gamers can enjoy and take advantage of in the form of Mah Jong Madness Slots. Players of Mah Jong may easily identify the symbols and try to associate each with its value in actual play of mah jong. To the uninitiated, it would be a welcome change from the usual themes you would find, so that you get to play around and learn a bit about this game, too, even if it’s just the payout table. At Liberty Slots Casino you can find all needed information about casino banking system, bonuses, promotions and how to play your favorite Mah Jong with pleasure!

Symbols of Winners

With Mah Jong Madness, you get no less than seven characters or symbols to watch out for since they are all part of winning combinations. You are eligible to receive credit for them, should they show up on active paylines and reels where indicated according to the rules of the game. At the very least, three of the same kind of the symbols of four bamboos, character three, orchid, and spring enables you to win as much as 250 times the payout to a minimum of ten or five times as much, depending on which of the four shows up on the reels. If you want higher payouts, these are reserved for at least two to five of the symbols: the green dragon, red dragon, and five circles coming up on the reels of active paylines. The green dragon is the most sought after symbol, where the payout can range from 20 to 2500; the most in the table of payouts.

Buttons for Play

Game controls aside, the spinning of the reels are mostly within your control. The choice of betting on one, ten or all of the 21 paylines depend solely on your preferences. The same applies to the coin bet amount, which can be as low as $0.01 to a high of $10 in coin bets. These are easily done with the use of the buttons BET ONE and BET MAX. Play the game with the SPIN button and stop the reels with STOP SPIN, too. It is time to get down with Mah Jong and see how many Liberty Slots Casino players have taken to this game with gusto.