Paul Bunyan Day

Time to take a good swing and win playing some great slots on Paul Bunyan Day.

Chop to it and play Lumber Cats Slots.

We’ve got some good natured feline characters to keep you busy winning on this 5 reels 20 paylines Lumber jack themed video slots game from Microgaming. Load up the logging truck with tons of free spins, jackpots, and a gamble feature. You’re going to love these cats and how hard they work to make sure you drive away a winner. This game brings the great outdoors and the country music right to your computer all beautifully designed way up in the mountains. A picturesque background so you can go to work with these cartoon cats and enjoy the entertainment with such symbols as a Lumber Cat, Cat with Axe, Cat with Log, Truck, Cabin, Trees, Log, Ace, King, Queen, Jack, Ten and a Nine. The Lumber Cat is the wild symbol and The Trees is the scatter symbol. Begin your workday right away on these jackpots and fill your wheelbarrow starting at $5,000 for 5 Cats with Log or for 4 Lumber Cats, and then add some more with $10,000 for 5 Cats with Axe. No time to slow down, bring home the big prize and pick up $15,000 for 5 Lumber Cats. These cats will work hard to make sure you’re having fun and winning on the Lumber Cats Slot Bonus Game. You can watch the cats have some fun too, when you play the Tree Climb feature. Here is where the cats begin climbing up the trees while you choose one of three Lumber Cats. The race is on and depending on where your cat is, you get to collect the prize. These cats know how to work hard and keep the prizes coming on the Gamble Feature.

While you’re away in the forest find Big Foot Slots.

You can hear the big guy coming and he’s bringing a great 5 reels 25 paylines video slots game from Vegas Technology. Some say they’ve seen him, but you’re going to find him in the woods with lots of features including free spins, wild multiplier, huge jackpots, and a bonus game. This big guy may look scary, but everyone wants to see him and you will in this graphically rich well designed outdoors game with symbols illustrated with bright colors including Big Foot, Footprint, Campfire, Forest, Road Sign, Tourist, an Ace, King, Queen, Jack, Ten and a Nine. The Big Foot is the wild symbol and the Footprint is the scatter symbol. Just look to combine the Big Foot with his Footprint and you can win $25,000 if you’re playing the $250 amount. The Tourist symbol likes to hang around and can help you win some jackpots. Take more than a picture when you win $5,000 or keep shooting and win $20,000, or make your own documentary when you win $50,000 for 5 Tourist. Time to head deep into this game and play the Big Foot Slots Bonus Game. Here is where you can win something even bigger than Big Foot; you can walk away with a nice $500,000!

Have a howling good time playing Silver Fang Slots.

Nothing beats being in the good old outdoors with friendly wolves in the forest on this 5 reels 50 lines video slots game from Microgaming. Silver Fang has lots of features that’ll keep in you winning with free spins, multipliers, jackpots and a gamble feature. Way up in the mountains and forest with freshly fallen snow, this game is graphically cool and the symbol illustrations are fresh and alive with a Howling Wolf, Silver Fang Logo, Wolf Head, Deer, Paw Print, Ace, King, Queen, Jack and a Ten. The Howling Wolf is the wild symbol and the Paw Print is the scatter symbol. The Silver Fang Slots Bonus game is also a real hoot where you can win even more prizes. Before you head out of the mountains make sure you play the Gamble Feature and take away even more.

There you go, time to swing your axe, chop up and load up on all these slots during Paul Bunyan Day.