1903 - First flight by the Wright Brothers

21 Wilds Slots

The Wright Brothers first flight was made on December 17th 1903 in Dayton, Ohio and the best way to celebrate this day is we’re bringing you some great slots so can set your winning ambitions to soar to new heights and cash in big time. It’s our way of saluting the era of Aviation.

Fasten on your seat belts, just like the movie Top Gun, Flight Zone video slots by Microgaming is going to take you on an incredible ride that’ll keep you really cool on your mission to win lots of cash.

Fly on over to Flight Zone video slots and you’re winnings will take off as this slots game has so much to offer any gaming pilot seeking to aim high and on target. Turn on the fun thrusters as this 5 reel 25 paylines comes with extra features including two bonus games, free spins, gamble feature and expanding wild to keep it on your flight plan. The illustrations on this game are really well done and capture the Top Gun feel with authentic air force icons like a Flight Zone Logo, Mission, Cockpit, Pilot, Fighter, Female, Stealth, Aircraft Carrier, Bomber, Tower, A-10, and a Helicopter. You’ll find the sounds effects really add to the aircraft gaming feel and keep you in the cockpit spinning for more. The flight zone logo is the wild symbol and there are two scatter symbols, which are the Mission and Bomber icons. The bonus games are truly exciting and fun to play while having the look and feel of a cool fighter jet video game.

Ah…the 1940’s during war times, when men were men and girls were painted on the side of Bombers. Ok ladies, its time to show the guys what you got on Bomber Girls slots.

It may have been a long time ago but you can still hear the music and the bombers on the tarmac ready for take off. Well, this 5 reel 20 paylines World War II military themed slots game will take you away to that special era when women were idolized on the side bombers. Just like the great graphics of those days, the illustrations really capture the style and design of those female bomber paintings. Utilizing lots of vibrant colors the icons will make you want to salute the pretty ladies of the bombers with the Bomber Girls Logo, Flower Girl, Flag Girl, Army Girl, Nurse Girl, Wrench Girl, Head Phone Girl, Airplanes, Bombs, Goggles, a Compass, and a Table Top. Just like the bombers of World War II, the jackpots carry with them big prizes. You can win $7,500 for 5 flag girls, $10,000 for 5 flower girls and $25,000 for 5 bomber girl logos. Get ready to load up on Bomber Girls slots and prepare your bombers for take off…bombs away!

Fasten on your seatbelts, its time to fly high playing Flying Ace slots so you can be heading for the sky, winning and dominating the internet airways.

Imagine flying through the clouds full of money on your way to fortunes and fun. That’s’ what you’ll find on this classic 3 reel 1 payline video slots machine with all the cool artwork of flying aces. You’ll love this game and you can pilot your way to winnings with such icons as Girl Badges, Winged ‘A’, Red Bars, Blue Bars, Yellow Bars and yes the infamous Pilot. Just like fighting the red baron you can shoot for the big jackpots and this game has them. Set your coordinates for 3 pilots on the 3rd payline and $15,000, or 3 pilots on the 4th playline gets you $20,000 and if you really want to soar high, shoot for 3 pilots on the 5 payline and you can score $30,000!

So go ahead and celebrate the first flight of the Wright brothers in December and next thing you know, you’ll be on your way to the world of the Jet Setters.