Daredevil Dave Slots

Daredevil Dave Slots

Slot Machine Called Daredevil Dave

One look at Daredevil Dave, and it would remind you of the bike racers who take to the rough course like a duck in water, at least some of them. You can take the same reckless attitude towards slot machines with Daredevil Dave by visiting Liberty Slots Casino anytime of the day or night. Daredevil Dave will wait for you to show your stuff.

How the Game Works

This slot machine has 5 reels on it with 20 paylines, including bonus rounds and free spins that can help a player gain a lot from each spin of the reels. The object of the game is to get the reels to stop at symbols that can help you get a higher payout according to the payout table that comes with the game rules.

The bonus round is launched when a symbol with two wheelies should turn up on selected paylines. Once there, the player is given the opportunity to entertain others and win huge by jumping over big obstacles using the motorbike.

Get free spins by getting at least three symbols labeled "scatter." This would look like a trophy scatter. The player is awarded 15 spins for free, and best part is winnings are three times as much. Players are still allowed to get additional free spins if the scatter symbols come up again after any of the free spins are run. Winnings in bonus rounds are still tripled even if won during free spins.

Play at Liberty Slots Casino

You can play Daredevil Dave at Liberty Slots Casino from among its wide selection of slot machines.

Check on the coin selection field to finalize your bet size for as little as 1 cent to as much as twenty coins of $10. These can be set by pressing on either the plus or minus buttons to adjust the coin bet for every payline you wish to play. Bet Max will help you set the wager to the maximum right away without pressing on the plus button several times.

Simultaneously, you can start the reels to spin its course by hitting on Bet Max in addition to using Spin. If you want to stop the reels at any time, feel free to hit on the Stop Spin on the page. And should you wish to go on automatic mode of play instead of manually hitting on the buttons, do so with Autoplay button. Enjoy playing Daredevil Dave at Liberty Slots Casino.