Doctor Love Slots (Microgaming)

Doctor Love Slots (Microgaming)

Doctor Love in the House

Tired of playing the traditional slot machines showing fruits and what-have-yous in online casinos? Take a dose of your own game medicine from Doctor Love at Betway Casino, guaranteed to keep you entertained and glued to your seat as you wait for the winning combination that could help you earn enough for a date with that special someone. Or, give a gift for some special occasions that may come up on your calendar. Other games offer free spins, but Doctor Love gives you a chance to not only get free spins but also play the bonus round for higher prizes.

Doctor Love: Talk About Payouts!

All slot machine players understand that it's the payout that counts. With Doctor Love, the symbols that show up on a payline after the reels come to a full stop are checked. View the payout table yourself so that you know which ones to watch out for in this game. It is readily available on the web page for you to view at any point of the game, except while playing the bonus round. Should there be several winning combinations on an active payline, the highest payout gets credited to your account.

If you feel lucky or you are on a roll, make sure to adjust your paylines and wagers accordingly by increasing or decreasing the LINES and BET boxes. These two factors figure prominently when payouts are calculated. The higher the values are for these two boxes, the bigger the payouts will turn out to be.

Play for Real or For Fun

Betway Casino offers you the opportunity to play slot machines for fun or for real money. New players may want to see how things go with the rules first before plunging into a real game afterwards. Game rules for most slot machines offered at Betway Casino are consistent throughout, with differences on the payout tables and symbols used.

A consistent feature of the slot machines including Doctor Love are the buttons, which is good practice when played for fun so that a player can easily spot the buttons he or she needs to use to navigate through the page like a pro. After you get your groove, a player can easily tell where the buttons are for betting and spinning the reels or even stopping them in the middle of a spin. Calculating the payout from the table becomes a breeze as well. So if you're wondering if there is there a doctor in the house? The answer is Yes! You can find him at Betway Casino!