A Night in Paris Slots

Enjoy a trip to Paris without the travel expense. In fact, play A Night in Paris slots and get paid to explore the beautiful European city. This 3-D slot with 30 paylines opens with the intriguing story of a museum thief and the museum guard, Jerome LaBaste, who is hot on his heels.

During A Night in Paris, French music plays in the background. That's not the only audio you're treated to. Jerome LaBaste cheers you on from the sidelines, and his canine companion also snarls and growls at the thief. Get started by choosing your coin value (2 to 25 cents), deciding on the number of paylines to activate, and then betting up to five coins per line.

Possible Payouts You Receive From A Night in Paris

All payouts are tallied from left to right. With the croissant, bust, Eiffel Tower,, urn, and dove you need at least three matches to win a payout. Those prizes start at 50 coins and go as high as 750 coins, depending on the symbol.

The romantic couple, dog, thief, and Jerome LaBaste only need two matches. Again depending on the symbol, the lowest prize is 25 coins, but Jerome LaBaste is worth a substantial 2,500 coins if you get him five times from left to right.

Bonus Features

When the thief, badge, and Jerome LaBaste appear side by side, a bonus feature pops up. Click on the screen to alert Jerome to the thief's presence and you win cash instantly. The amount varies, but the bonus feature awarded me 2,250 one time and 1,500 the next.

Three or more badge symbols triggers the Chase bonus. During this bonus, you get a number of free spins. As those free spins take place, Jerome and his dog chase the thief all over the screen, so you'll find yourself enjoying their antics, too.

The final bonus, Caught in the Museum, is triggered when you get three or more Napoleon paintings. During this bonus, you play as the thief. Pick the item you want to steal and see how much money you receive for your attempt.

A Night in Paris slots is a great 3D bonus slot with plenty of action and European ambiance. The animated footage of the thief, Jerome, and his dog will have you snickering from time to time, but it's the payouts that really impress. With 30 paylines and three bonus features, it takes little time before you find yourself winning plenty of cash.