Cool Bananas Slots

Bananas in Slot Machines

Liberty Slots Casino has lined up several slot machines for its players, and one is sure to find a theme that they will particularly like such as Cool Bananas. And since this slot machine features a banana sign, monkey signs will not be far behind. You will see how a banana or monkey can change the course of your game while playing Cool Bananas at Liberty Slots Casino.

Basic Rules of the Game

Cool Banana uses 5 reels, and you can play this game up to a maximum of 25 paylines in succession. Inside the boxes labeled Bet and Lines, you can control the paylines you want to play as well as the amount you want to bet by pressing on the Up or Down arrow buttons. Hitting the Spin or Bet Max will automatically start the reels to spin, and winnings will be paid in order from left to right. Should the reels show several winning combinations, only the highest will be credited to your balance and not the entire combinations. Automatic play is also available so that you don’t have to play manually on all bets if you are simultaneously playing another game.

Signs on the Reel

When you see a banana on the reel, it is known as the Scatter which generates a payout depending on the table indicated for the game. The winnings are multiplied to the bet amount such that a $2 coin played with bets on 5 paylines will get you $10 ($2 bet x 5 paylines x 1 scatter sign) if you see 2 scatter signs appearing on any of the reels.

When you see the sign Mighty Monkey, this is considered a wild sign and can be used to substitute for all other signs with the exception of the scatter sign – banana. You get double the winnings if this sign appears on any winning combination appears.

The game also offers free spins if you get the banana sign appearing three times or more on the reels. And if this happens again after spinning a free spin, you are still eligible to get additional free spins. The number of free spins awarded corresponds to the number of scatter signs you see such that 3 bananas gets you 24 spins, 4 bananas is equivalent to 32 spins, and you get 40 more with 4 scatter signs. See how much you can win at Liberty Slots Casino's Cool Bananas