Diggin' Deep Slots

The game is entitled Diggin Deep slot. The theme is a haunted mine. Players can wager from one to twenty lines. This game has wagering flexibility. This means that folks with bankrolls both big and small are bound to find an amount they can feel comfortable wagering.

The backdrop depicts old walkways and sheer drops adding spooky theme. You can always see this thanks to the transparent reels. The point of an online slot machine is to hope the symbols appear on the reels and form profitable combinations. One of the slot machine reel symbols is a bucket. This is logical given that the game is set in a mine. Miners use buckets for carrying their mining tools. Mines often have railroad tracks going into and out of them. Miners can ride the cart in and ride it out with the mineral that they mined. Thus, railway trucks appears in diggin deep as a slot machine reel symbol. One mining tool that appears in the game as a slot machine reel symbol are spades. Another one is a wheelbarrow. Miners use wheelbarrows to move tools or precious cargo into or out of a mine. Thus, it appears in this mine set slot machine as a reel symbol. Miners use hammers and pick axes to grind away at the rocks inside the earth. Both of these appear as slot machine reel symbols. Lamps are used to illuminate the darkness of a mine. It is no surprise that a lamp finds it's way into this game as a slot machine reel symbol.

Ways to Win

This game is also optimized for mobile devices. This means that you can play the game on your phone or tablet device. Players who have something come up in the middle of their gaming session won't have to bail out. Rather, they will simply be able to continue their gambling session on the go.

The lamp is the top prize. Let's say that a person is playing Diggin Deep. Five lamp reel symbols pop up on the pay line. This means that person won the jackpot. The payout is a whopping 500 times your bet. This game has a wild symbol. Wild Miners can do reels 1, 3 and 5. The great thing about this is that the wild symbol can work in combination with other symbols to create potentially profitable payouts for you, That is a really player friendly feature because it offers an additional way to potentially win.