Gold Diggers slots

Have you ever fancied working in or visiting a mine? You probably haven’t but you can do the next best thing – or even something better – if you play the Gold Diggers slot game. We loved this game, with everything from the game screen to the characters well-thought out in every respect. We’ve reviewed it for you here so you know a little of what to expect. Read on to find out more.

How many paylines and reels are in play?

This game offers five reels and 30 paylines in total. You can choose as many or as few paylines as you want, but with a super-low minimum bet you have a good chance to choose all of them.

How much or little can you wager?

First off you can wager between one and five coins per line in play. As for the actual coin value this can be anything between the minimum of two cents and the maximum of 50 cents.

Does the game include any special symbols?

Watch out for dynamite! And yes, three or more in a winning combo will explode and reveal more symbols you could win with. Watch for the cute little gopher too because you can dig up some bonus credits if you have three or more of them, once again in a winning combo.

Is there a bonus round in Gold Diggers?

You bet – and it’s called the Gold Rush game. You’ll notice one of the symbols is a notification of a Gold Rush, and you need three of these on a payline you’re betting on to trigger the game. You get to dig for gold – which in this case takes the shape of bonus credits. Keep going for as long as you can and retrieve your winnings before going back to the main game.

Download and try your luck with the Gold Diggers slots game today!

This is a great game where the winning symbols pop out at you as you play. You’ll also see a piece of rope connecting the symbols that have won for you on a particular payline. There are some nice touches such as the 3D animated characters and other symbols coming to life as you play, so you’ll enjoy every moment you play on Gold Diggers. Why not try digging for some virtual gold today> Keep your fingers crossed you’ll win some credits as you do so.