Pearl Harbor Day - National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

Gods of Luxor Slots

As a way to remember Pearl Harbor Day we’ve got some great slots that’ll keep that infamous day in December in our thoughts and pay tribute to a day that changed the course of our history. The Japanese were looking to control the Pacific Ocean during WWII and wanted to become a world power so here is Dynasty Slots by Wager Gaming Technology.

Here’s a game of the traditional Japanese Samurai who is a symbol on the art of war and honor. This 5 reels 25 paylines slots game has lots of free spins and a maximum jackpot of 5,000 coins. The illustrations and sounds are designed well within the Japanese theme and the icons include Swords, Flag, Emperor, Seal, Samurai, Arc, Ace, King, Queen, Jack, a Ten, and a Nine. A Seal is the wild symbol and the Emperor is the scatter symbol. A really fun game to play as there is a wide variety of coin playing options so you can be flexible with the amounts you feel like playing $0.01, $0.05, $0.25, $0.5, $1, $5, or $10. You can win up to $50,000 on this game so you never know, you can live just like an Emperor if you hit it and win.

Tally Ho slots by Real Time Gaming is a reel tribute to the Air Forces especially the impact they had during the Second World War.

Since the British Air Forces played a major part of the allied forces, this game acknowledges this historical time and all the officers that participated in a lot of the air battles during that time. Just like watching an old vintage war movie this game has it all in this 5 reels 20 paylines video game. You’re winnings will sure to be taking off with lots of free spins and a climbing high progressive jackpot. The illustrations in this game are really captivating and are detailed artistic paintings with vintage symbols of a Pilot, Roundel, Plane, Medal of Honor, Lady air force officer, Map, Ace, King, Queen, Jack, Ten, and a Nine. Keep your eyes on the sky as the Pilot is the wild symbol and Roundel is the scatter symbol. If you hit 3 or more Roundels you can win up to 25 free spins and next thing you know you’re flying away with a $150,000 prize.

There were a lot of American heroes when Pearl Harbor was attacked so lets recognize them, have some fun in their memory and play Sneak a Peek Hunky Heroes by Microgaming.

Ok Ladies if you have a desire for men in uniform, make a date, this is your game and you’re going to love them especially when you win. This is a slots game loaded with handsome men that are waiting for you to take them on a spin on this 5 reels 9 paylines video game. These guys have got the looks and the muscles to make you want to win even more. Men from all working professions are here to keep you nice and safe like a policeman, fireman, beach lifeguard, pilot, and seaman; they’re all in this game. You’re going to find your man in this colorful and well-designed and artistically illustrated game with such icons as Hunky Heroes Logo, Roger, Wade, Duncan, Patrick, Brad, Shorts, Airforce Helmet, Navy Hat, Cop Hat, Fireman Helmet, Lifesaver Cap and a Male Sign. All the men and all the free spins and prizes are going to keep you in a good mood all night long. There’s also a great Sneak a Peak bonus game and a Pick a Package bonus game. Just get ready to play and win up to $100,000. That’s a big hunk of cash, just for taking a spin with a Hunky Hero.

So, pay your respects to Pearl Harbor Day, the day that will live on in infamy and next thing you know, that day may be paying you to live on in luxury.