Golden Goddess Slots

Golden Goddess slots have been a very popular and successful slot game in land based casinos but not until now was this game available on the internet. Kerching has launched Golden Goddess slots and it can be played online.

Golden Goddess has five reels and 40 pay lines. The real intriguing part about this game is the exclusive bonus round, which is a main attraction to this game. All you need to play this round is nine Aphrodite roses on the middle three reels. It starts with seven free spins then you choose a rose which will unveil a character. You will choose from Goddess, prince, dove or Pegasus. Once chosen, this will be your stacked wild symbol and the other features are just the icing on the cake. The theme here is Greek mythology so the backdrop is breathtaking and relevant to ancient Greece. This is a time for Odysseus and Athena. Look for Pegasus, a dove, and a rose in this H5G and IGT winner. Social media sites are buzzing over this slot game.

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