Movie Magic Slots

Why You’ll Simply Love it

Everyone just loves a good movie now and then, don’t they? Just snuggle up on the couch with a bag of popcorn and the rest is history! Ahhh…nothing like it! You could try something a bit more interesting though…what about… Movie Magic Slots? You can play the very best of slot games for real money right in the privacy of your own home at Liberty Slots Casino. From the name, it is safe to assume that the theme is based on movies and movie-making.

If you are a movie lover, there is no way that you won’t be thrilled when you play this game! If you know anything at all about these kinds of slots then you have heard of Vegas Technology. They power Movie Magic Slots, and they bring outstanding clarity and performance to the world of online slots! The graphics are high-quality, particularly the animations. The sound effects are charming. Movie Magic Slots also has a very easy to use interface. Both beginners and pros will certainly feel at home with this slot machine.

Movie Magic Symbols

Movie Magic Slots offers five reels and 26 pay lines. The symbols in this game are exactly what you would expect with this movie based theme… popcorn, famous movie stars, film reels, and clip boards. Keep an eye out for that mighty Wild symbol…it’s a box of popcorn! You’re only going to find the wild symbol on reels two and four, which makes it bit more challenging but totally doable. The reason for this is that this game stacks the wild icons so you could end up with a reel filled with nothing more than wild symbols. The various symbols are what allow you the opportunity to advance to some of the bonus rounds. If the reels land in your favor, don’t be surprised if you get as many as 25 bonus rounds or free spins. All the money you win on these bonus rounds are tripled, which makes this symbol such a pleasure to watch out for.

How Much Can I Wager?

Movie Magic Slots gives you a much bigger betting option than most games. This makes it perfect for those who want to bet little amounts and those who want to bet enormous amounts. The highest amount that you can bet as a stake is a whopping $250, since the maximum number of coins acceptable per spin is 25. Play Movie Magic Slots at Liberty Slots Casino today!