Nouveau Riche Slots

Nouveau Riche means new rich in French. You belong to the new rich when you do not receive a fortune because of an inheritance (old money) from your family, but manage to become wealthy during the course of your life. There are many methods that you can use during your quest to earn a fortune and join the new rich, and one of those methods is playing virtual slot machine games.

If you like to become rich and love to spin the reels of slots, it perhaps cannot be more suitable then to play a slot game that is actually titled Nouveau Riche. Play this game at an online casino platform that has the entertainment software from the slot's designer (IGT) on offer, and see if you possess the luck and skills to make your own fortunes with this slot machine.

Spin Yourself Towards a Richer Lifestyle

Nouveau Riche Slots is not an impressive game in terms of graphics, but the wins that it offers are substantial. The highest win can be obtained with the logo of the game. Spin it in a combination of 5 on the reels and you earn yourself a 5000 credit prize. The remaining non-feature symbols are three high society ladies and their matching gemstone jewelry pieces. The top payouts for these symbols range from as little as 80 to as high as 800.

Available Bonus Perks That Will Let You Make Better Wins

In addition to offering desirable wins via non-feature symbols, the game also provides a couple of bonus perks, which are the wild substitute icon, the free spins bonus triggering symbol and the symbol that triggers one extra complimentary spin. What's more, there is also the freefall symbols feature. This feature is triggered by successful symbol combinations, and it is a great way to make extra profits during reel spins.

If you want to know how you can make the best out of these features, then click on the "pays" button on the top right corner of the main game screen. That button will take you to a paytable and game detail overview. Study it well, so that you know the fastest way to become a member of the new rich.

Do You Have What It Takes to Join the New Rich

Are you ready to enjoy a life full of riches both on the screen and in the real life? Then Nouveau Riche Slots is a game that can help you out if you spin its reals correctly and make the right symbol combinations. Search for this game at online IGT powered casino platforms and conquer its reels so that it becomes possible to enjoy a wealthy lifestyle that you completely earned by yourself.