The Ghouls Slots

If you ask any kid in the United States what the first holiday after the summer season is, they would probably tell you Halloween. Even though, strictly-speaking, Halloween isn’t a holiday because everyone still has to go to work or school. Nonetheless, the perfect potential money-winner game for adults in late October is The Ghouls Slot, which is all about Halloween and makes no apologies for it. Everything you remember about the spine-tingling holiday of your adventurous youth is here on full display - dark scrawny cats with evil eyes, looming gray headstones standing eternal guard over the deceased, a haunted house - of course - a scary jack-o-lantern, mummies and more.

Don’t mind the theme too much - The Ghouls Slots might be all about Halloween, but it can be played year-round at your favorite online casino. Did we mention that it’s a Progressive? No? Well it is - and that the means the sky’s the limit when it comes to your potential take-away.

The Ghouls Slots In-Depth

As a part of the top-tier Betsoft library, The Ghouls Slot maintains the great graphics and continuous playability for which the software platform is so well-known in the online casino gaming community. It has 5 reels and 20 paylines, making it an average-sized video slot. Some of the symbols on the reel are Count Dracula, Frankenstein’s Monster, an entirely too-large Black Widow spider, Haunted House in disrepair and more. If that’s not enough to scare you, then maybe the foreboding theme music will be enough to push you over the edge.

When you’re playing The Ghouls Slot and trying to match the symbols that are winners, pay close attention to the run-down Haunted House symbol; it’s the biggest winner for you. Get five of these on an active payline, and you get to hear the lovely chime of a thousand credits per wagered coin being deposited in your account. Of course, the other symbols in a row are winners too - it’s just that the House beats them all out in terms of value.

The Scatter symbol is the Count Dracula look-alike; it is a virtual treasure chest of Free Spins if you can land it right - it all depends on the other symbols around it. In real life, a headstone is never a cause for celebration - well, mostly never - but in The Ghouls Slot, it can take you to the promised land. Roll at least three of these grave headstones in a row and you’ll be whisked away to graveyard, where the Bonus Game awaits. The more headstones to you got in the previous rounds, the more credits you’re eligible to win in the Bonus realm.

Extra Credit in The Ghouls Slots

As more evidence that the boys and girls over at Betsoft treat Halloween as a special holiday, we’ve only just touched the surface of their haunted slot. The Progressive aspect of this slot becomes a reality when you start making max bets. Most long-time Slots players will tell you not to play the max bet on normal games; usually, they’re right. But when a Progressive jackpot is available, you play the max bet as often as you can - because now the take is worth it many times over. If you’re good and practice self-restraint when necessary, then you can play the max bet on any slot, truth be told. The ultimate goal, then, is to get five Haunted House symbols in a row while playing the max bet - and then you become the envy of the casino gaming world for a short time with the gigantic (usually) Progressive Jackpot win.

The Ghouls Slots is all the fun you need and more - without the distraction of ceaseless animations. Don’t get us wrong, the slot looks fantastic - but it also reminds you to focus on the gameplay itself - and not on the Pixar-like graphics and constantly moving onscreen figures. All-in-all, Betsoft has delivered again, and it’s up to you to rate their success.