Paylines - Tips and Strategy

A payline is the position on the reels reading from left to right. When you place a bet, you are betting on the active payline. When you utilize the mechanism to spin the reels, the reels stop at a certain point and the symbols are positioned in the payline. If the symbols match the combination found in the payout table, you win. If the symbols do not match any combination for payout, try again!

Welcome to the world of paylines! With hundreds of thousands of slot machines available at online casinos, you have many choices to make when it comes to what slot machine suits your fancy. Do you prefer the classic slots? Well, we have a variety of the most popular 1 Payline Slots available right here.

After 1-payline slots, which were the traditional slot games found in land-based casinos and eventually made their way to online casinos, came the 3, 4, 5, 9, 12, 15, 20, and 25 paylines slots.

3 payline slots are very exciting to play because you have more chances to win! For example, let’s say you are playing a 3-reel, 3-payline slot game. You spin, but do not win on a center payline. However, just above or below the center payline are 3 sevens. Well, in a 3-payline slot game – you would win regardless of what line the 3 sevens appeared! Check out our latest list of 3 Payline Slots here.

4 payline slots encompass an unusual payout display. For example, were to play Heavy Metal Slots, is a three-wheel, four-payline slot game. Any payline which has a bet placed on it can win. Winnings are based on the symbols on each payline and the amount bet on that line. You can see the combinations of symbols from your last three spins at all times. It creates three new paylines, which pay off the same coins as the main payline. Each reel pays off in the same way, so keep your eyes on the blue display. It also has a "Hold" feature that appears randomly during play. It lets you hold some of the slot's reels, allowing you to determine your game history for your next spin. Check out our list of 4 Payline Slots here.

The 5 payline slots were the first video slot games to be released. They are as diverse as the 3 payline slots, but more exciting! They feature some of the best jackpots and bonus rounds to date. Although video slots originally had 3 straight paylines, the ingenious design of implementing paylines that would payout no matter how zig-zagged the lines would be, was the ultimate gaming experience. Thus, the 5 payline slot games eventually became popular and segued into even more paylines today. Check our list of favorite 5 Payline Slots here.

In the world of multi-line slots, 9 payline slots offer a fantastic gaming experience for slot players. As the player, you decide how many coins you are going to play. Keep in mind, however, that betting the maximum number of coins in a multi-line slot game is the best method to secure the highest payout. In addition, read the payout table as well since this will give you insight as to what combination of lines will pay the highest; and what symbols will lead you to the all-important bonus round! Check our list of favorite 9 Payline Slots here.

The difference between one slot machine and another can boil down to one feature – paylines. The 12 payline slots offer additional chances to secure high payouts. One of our slot picks in this category is What’s Your Sign Slots. Not only does this game offer you numerous chances to win, but has a bonus round that is just as awesome. The bonus round consists of a spinning wheel featuring the 12 signs of the Zodiac. A light flashes around wheel lighting each symbol is it moves. You choose when to stop the light so it can land on a symbol of the Zodiac. A choice of a prize or another spin is optional. There are more 12-payline slots that we have chosen, so check our list of favorite 12 Payline Slots here.

One of the most request slots games is called Mermaid’s Quest, a 15 payline slot game that is packed with bonus features. The multiple paylines featured in this slot game offer a variety of combinations that increase the odds of winning. In addition, there are a number of components that add excitement to 15-payline slots, such as symbols, number of reels, winning combinations, progressive jackpots, and more. Check our list of favorite 15 Payline Slots here and see which one is your favorite!

We picked the $5 Million Touchdown Slots as our number one favorite 20-payline slot for several reasons. Players can grab the chance of hitting the lucky symbols that would trigger a bonus round and additional spins for free. This further increases your chances of getting a higher payout without having to add more bets to your original one. The bonus round gives you a chance to score a touchdown! One you do, more exciting features await you! Check our list of favorite 20 Payline Slots here and play them all at Golden

Among our picks for 21-payline slots, we chose Orient Express Slots as our number one choice. This beautifully designed slot game has 5 reels, and offers bonus features galore! With a maximum bet of $210, you can just imagine the jackpot payout for this slot game! But if you are limiting you game play, money-wise, you can play this slot game starting at one cent and still become a winner! Along with Mahjong Madness as well as our other top picks, you will have a difficult time deciding what game to play at Golden Casino. Check our list of favorite 21 Payline Slots here and see which one is your favorite!

The daddy of all paylines is the 25-payline slot games available at Golden Casino. Among our favorites, we chose Birds of Paradise. This game packs a hefty number of bonuses. To begin with the jackpot is 10,000 coins. Bonus features include free spins, wild and scatter symbols as well. Playing a 25-payline slot game offers more chances to get more combinations to win more money. It’s that simple! If you love to play 25-payline slot games, we are going to supply you with a list of slots we think you will enjoy. 25 Payline Slots here and see which one is your favorite!