What’s Your Sign Slots

There are many slot machines out there, and many times you will find that they are essentially the same as the next one. The only differences are the number of reels, paylines, and the theme for that game. Players who are naturally attracted to horoscopes and closely follow the predictions for the day, month, or year will find their favourite in the video slot game called What’s Your Sign? where you would expect the zodiac signs to be part of the payout table plus more. Get familiar with the game at Lincoln Casino where a player is treated royally. Read our Lincoln Casino review page where you can find useful information about bonuses, promotions and tournaments and find out when your favorite What’s Your Sign Slots tournament commences.

What’s Your Sign Game for Play

You will find What’s Your Sign a relatively simple game to follow. This is especially true if you’ve been playing games of similar kinds and rules at online casino. In fact, at English Harbour Casino, players will have little trouble transitioning from one to another because the buttons used are the same and same applies for the rules of the game.

You get 5 reels with a set of 12 paylines from this game which contains a bonus round that can further fuel the excitement of playing the game. The symbols you will find are the 12 signs of the zodiac with slightly different payouts. Get three of the bonus symbols for a chance to win. Betting on several paylines will increase the chances of winning.

Bonus Game to Excite

Bonus games are definitely one of the most sought after parts of the game. The main game surely gives you corresponding payouts for hitting the right number of paylines with corresponding symbols. Comparatively, the bonus round gets you the chance to claim a guaranteed prize. The wheel containing the zodiac signs will flash in a random fashion. You will then be requested to hit on the Stop Spin option which will select a sign and a prize will be displayed. The next choice is to select Collect Prize or continue spinning. Choosing the prize will automatically end the bonus round. Choosing Spin Again means you will be trading your prize for that spin for a possibly bigger prize on the next spin. The prize collected will be added to the winnings you receive from the bonus round and credited to you account. So, what’s your sign?