Birds of Paradise Slots

Birds of Paradise Slots

One engaging slot machine, available at Liberty Slots Casino, is known as Birds of Paradise. This game features several kinds of birds and related symbols that you should watch out for to get more winnings out of the small bets you have placed on the game. For a coin, you may be able to rake in more prizes with this game. Visit Liberty Slots Casino to learn more about Liberty Slots Casino promotions. These promotions are as crazy as some of the birds!

Introduction to the Game - Birds of Paradise

This is a slot machine that uses five reels that a player must spin after placing a bet. The reels will stop one after the other showing a symbol which may or may not mean anything to the game. If you are new to the game, you may look up the payout table to view what combinations or symbols to watch out for.

Most of the time, you should watch out for the Scatter nest because this nest symbol will help you claim a higher payout that the usual 1:1. Once you see a Scatter nest at anytime, you will receive a payout on all active paylines, in such a manner that it might appear as though all paylines show a scatter nest every time. Get more of them and you increase the multiplier. Best of all, three or more of the same symbols will earn you additional Free spins. Should you get another three or more scatter nest while playing free spins, you get additional free spins for it, so that they can keep adding up for more chances of winning. The single constant rule to win in slot machines is to play more to get more chances of winning, and free spins can be your answer to this.

Birds of Paradise - Game Play

You need to choose which coin size you want to play by hitting on either Up or Down for the Bet you have selected. Every pay line you select will have a coin bet depending on your preferences. By hitting on the Bet Max button, you will secure betting on all 25 pay lines with coin bets of 25 maximum for each consecutive game at Birds of Paradise. Hitting Bet Max or Spin will start the reels to turn for the game to start. But if you want the reels to turn automatically, especially if you prefer to sit back and let the wheels to turn up to the paylines you have decided to play; you may do so with Autoplay button. Try Birds of Paradise at Liberty Slots Casino!