$5 Million Touchdown

5 Million Dollar Touchdown Slots
One will always find football in the forefront for sportsbooks. The same goes for other casino games such as slot machines. One can watch football on national TV with several leagues and sporting events to watch out for. It is not surprising to find a slot machine with a football theme such as the one found with the $5 Million Touchdown at GoCasino. See how far you can go with this slots game according to the rules set at GoCasino.

Game Intro

The $5 Million Touchdown is a slot machine with a maximum of 20 paylines using 5 reels. Players can grab the chance of hitting the lucky symbols that would trigger a bonus round and additional spins for free. This can further increase your chances of getting a higher payout without adding more bets to your original cash outlay before starting the game.

The bonus round is an exciting game to play where you have an opportunity to score a touchdown. To launch the bonus round, you only need to get 2 bonus symbols which look like a target on a payline. If you happen to get these two bonus symbols on multiple paylines, the prize for the bonus round is multiplied for all paylines crossing through these symbols.

Symbols of Value

Winnings, free spins, and the bonus rounds are all dependent on which type symbols will show up on the reels after they stop spinning. You need to watch out for these as they can spell the difference between winning and losing.

A player may come across a symbol that looks like a referee. This is a wild symbol or a substitute. It can be used to replace other symbols except the scatter and target symbols. The scatter symbols may show up at any point during the game, and they would automatically generate a payout. The more scatters you get, the higher the multiplier.

There is a table outlining the exact multiplier for each symbol to help you increase your winnings or trigger free spins. It will tell you how many free spins you may receive after hitting the triggers. And if you earn another free spin after getting the first free spin, the winning is tripled for a higher number of free spins. What are you waiting for? Log on at GoCasino to get those free spins going and fatten your account balance.