10-Hand Deuces Wild Poker

Liberty Slots Casino

Get wild with the game 10-Hand Deuces Wild where players can win many times over by playing several hands at the same time. We’re not talking about just the usual two to four hands. Add a wild card, and the chances of winning are increased further. Find this game at Liberty Slots Casino where fun and enjoyment can be found under the same roof.

Ease of Use

Playing Video Poker Games, one can easily get hooked because they combine the excitement of playing slot machines and the rush that one feels when playing poker. Such a combination can be very dynamic and spell a good playground for players out there. But if you think this might entail more memorization work, then you will find that you are very mistaken. If you have been playing at Liberty Slots Casino for a few tries, you will be pleased to note that it doesn’t take much science to go about the page. Their website is very user friendly where players can pick out options that they need to decide on only at that point. On the casino page, all you need to do is choose if you want to play for free or for real money, and the page will promptly direct you to the page you want to go to. It can take a while to download the casino version, but you can also use their Flash Version for a quicker load and instant play.

Wagering and Payout

For 10-hand deuces wild, players can opt to bet as low as $0.10 to a maximum of $125. Remember, too, that this is a mega multi hand so players can play 10 – 100 hands. And yes, it has wild deuces or twos, which can replace or substitute for any card no matter the suit or rank to be able to complete a winning hand.

A Royal Flush is highest hand with 5 coins at 4000 and with 1 coin at 250. Four deuces closely follows this hand in terms of ranking and payout. Then, deuces Royal Flush is at third rank, followed in descending order by 5 of a kind, straight flush, four of a kind, full house, flush, straight, and three of a kind. At the very least, you can look forward to getting the same amount as your original bet to at most - 5 times for 5 coin bets. Find out which one is waiting for you.