Multihand Joker Poker

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Some people have only a little time to spare for gaming and play, and regular poker games can take longer than most other games. But if you prefer to play poker and want it to finish quicker than most, then you can go ahead and play Multihand Joker Poker. When you play this game, it can be played with multiple hands of two to four all the time. Not only is the game quick, but you had the chance to play your favourite game at the same time.

Begin Playing

In a multi hand Joker Poker, the joker card is considered a wild card that is included in the deck of cards. As a wild card, the joker can be used to substitute for any cards without regard to suit and value in order for the player to create a winning card combination. Once you receive a joker, the computer will give it a suit that provides more value to you as a player so that there is a higher possibility of getting a bigger payout in its combination with the other cards on hand. Online casinos are giving players the opportunity to win more than the usual.

This game uses a deck of 53 cards which is normally shuffled as soon as the hands are played and completed. The game is easy to follow wherein the player gets to choose his wagers first, based on coin denominations and the number of hands that he wants to play. It can be as few as just a couple of hands or double that. Once a player wants to have the cards dealt , he simply hits the Deal button. It is possible to hit double where after a win, you can choose a card to play against that of the dealer’s. And if the card turns out to be higher than the dealer’s, then you can double your winnings.

Pay Table

As shown on the payout table, you will find that natural Royal Flush pays the highest, while kings or better has the lowest value. Other winning hands are 5 of a kind, joker royal flush, straight flush, four of a kind, full house, flush, straight, three of a kind, and two pairs.