Neds Sportsbook

Neds Sportsbook is an Australia based betting platform that offers you a lot of fun for your bucks. The platform focuses on racing and sports events so expect to make daring bets on the most exciting matches that take place in various competitions and in many places around the world. Scroll around on this platform for a while to see if it can get you excited enough to create a membership account and place some thrilling bets in the categories of racing, sports and live betting.

Racing Options

When it comes to racing, you can place your money on horse races, greyhound races, and harness racing. Since Neds Sportsbook is an Australian sportsbook site, you can choose between races that take place in Australia and in neighbor country New Zealand, but you can also try your luck on international events.

Sports Betting Options

There are many sports event options that you can bet on at this Sportsbook site, so you don't have to worry that you will ever run out of options. There are main sports categories that you can choose, and these sports types on their own show you many sub categories. You can pick options like American football, motor sport, ice hockey and mixed martial arts and then bet at national or international events that take place in these categories. Additionally, a very unique betting option is also added to the mix of sports categories. Open up the sports section and notice that you are also able to bet on political events.

Live Betting Events

Check out the live betting section regularly to see if any exciting live events take place when you are online. Take advantage of the opportunity that you have to bet at these events, and hope that the outcomes will be in your favor so that you can walk away as a real winner with a lot of extra cash in your pockets.

Make Neds Sportsbook Your Sportsbook Website of Choice

If you are a total sports game and racing fan from Australia who is looking to do more than just watch the matches take place, then you are at good spot when you bet at Neds Sportsbook. In this case, more comes in the form of lucrative rewards that can be won when you make the right bets. And let's face it, betting at your favorite matches is extremely fun because it makes it all the more exciting to keep a close eye on the competitive events that take place all over the world.