Freaky Wild West Slots

Freaky Wild West Slots by CTMX is a 3D slot that is turning the heads of slots lovers everywhere. This is a beautifully executed slot game that some feel is on a par with most of the video games of today. It is set in the time period of 19th century America’s Wild West. The reason the game was given the freaky moniker is that all the characters are cactus plants dressed in their finest Western wear. The graphics and sound quality of Freaky Wild West slot must be seen – and heard – in order to be believed. This is one well thought out game! Even the game’s background is animated in 3D, and very realistically designed with brilliant color.

Several Game Levels to Hold Interest

Freaky Wild West slots has five reels, thirty paylines, and more than one game level, again similar to video games. There is a Cowboy’s Town level, an Indian Village level, and a Bandit’s Valley level. In order to spend more time in each of these levels, players must gather various bonus symbols during their game play. Two of these symbols must be in the middle row of the second and the fourth reels. Symbols include Cowboys, Indians, and Bandits. Reel symbols for the game include an Indian Chief, the Sheriff, a Prisoner, a Banker, a Shaman, and a Bonus logo.

The Scatter Symbol

The Scatter symbol for Freaky Wild West slots is the Shaman. Players lucky enough to get two or more of these symbols will be rewarded with up to thirty free spins. Players can bet as small an amount as $0.50 per spin or as much as the maximum bet of $150 for each spin. Coin sizes for this game are $0.05, $0.10, $0.25, $0.50, $1.00, $2.00 and $5.00. Freaky Wild West is also a progressive jackpot, winnable with five Banker symbols.

Three Bonus Games Equal Even More Fun

Freaky Wild West slots offer players three different bonus games. These are called Safe Crackers, Indian’s Gold, and Shoot for Loot. Players who collect four Indian symbols in the Indian Village will trigger the Indian Gold bonus game. The Shaman is on hand to guide players through the steps needed to collect their bonus. Six of the Bandit symbols will trigger the Safe Crackers bonus game. Players must blow up safes in this game in order to receive their bonus winnings. The Shoot for Loot bonus game is triggered once players have collected ten of the Cowboy symbols. In this game, players must stop a robber from robbing the bank.