Vegas Party Slots

With themes ranging from the sublime to the rediculous, you can always find a slot machine with a Las Vegas theme. Available at Liberty Slots Casino, Vegas Party Slots highlights the glamour and excitement one usually finds in a land-based casino and even in online casinos with excellent graphics nowadays. Download Liberty Slots casino software and start feeling like you have stepped into the entertainment capital of the world with Vegas Party Slots.

Party All Day and All Night

Vegas Party Slots give players the chance to play up to 25 paylines using five reels for a minimum bet of 1 cent. Free spins are available should you hit the required number of scatter symbols. For a minimum of 3 scatter cars to five, a player can get no less than 15 free spins. More free spins spells more chances of hitting it big, too.

Look for other symbols that multiplies bets should they show up. These include: the man in a tuxedo, blond lady, and the Vegas logo which can be used to substitute for other symbols except the scatter symbol. For the man in a tuxedo, the multipliers are 2, 25, 300, and 1000 for symbols numbering from 2 to 5, respectively. For the blond lady, there are multipliers equivalent to 2, 20, 100, and 300 for same the symbols showing twice or more. The payout table will show all these at Liberty Slots Casino for your reference and guidance.

Free Spins

Since the scatter car symbol can both increase your payouts and trigger free spins, you may wonder which one will come first. As per the game rules on free spins reveal, the payout for scatters occur before the free spins. Free spins can be earned even while the required scatter cars appear while spinning for free in addition to playing for active paylines, too. Although free spins earned are constant, regardless if it came from regular spins or free spins, the payouts are tripled when earned during a free spin round. Game controls are disabled during free spins. In case you get disconnected from Liberty Slots Casino while playing free spins, you will start from the last completed free spin once reconnected. See how far you can go with Vegas Party Slots, and find out how much your 1 cent is worth.