Genie's Gifts Slots

You might have heard of the saying "The genie is out of the bottle", which basically means that a potentially life changing situation has taken place. What if such a life changing moment could be triggered by big profits that, along with the genie, rise out of the bottle? Such a great thing is able to happen when you play Genie's Gifts Slots, which is a virtual slot machine title that is developed by Revolver Gaming. Read on to find out more about what this classic, three reel and nine payline slot machine title has to offer in terms of fun, life changing moments and profitable rewards.

Win Satisfying Cash Rewards with Non-Feature Symbols

You can win satisfying cash rewards with a set of non-feature symbols that consists of the red seven, the yellow seven, the blue seven, the triple blue bar, the double yellow bar, and the single red bar. Spin these symbols into combinations on the reels and make sure they land on active paylines so that your non-feature rewards will be triggered.

Trigger the Symbol Substituting Wild Logo

Besides a collection of non-feature symbols, this game also has two special feature icons on offer, and the wild logo is one of those two. In the game, you will use this logo to substitute other symbols so that you can form winning combinations. Keep in mind that there is one symbol in the game that the wild logo is not able to replace, which is the scatter bonus icon.

Activate a Bonus Feature Triggering Reel with the Scatter Icon

A minimum spin of three scatter bonus attributes is needed to activate the Genie's Gift bonus slot reel. This bonus slot reel provides you with the opportunity to participate in one out of six bonus games, in which you can win lucrative rewards. The friendly genie is able to help you out when you don't succeed in activating the bonus slot reel during the base game. She is able to place bonus icons on the slot reels so that you have an opportunity to activate the bonus feature.

Experience the Wonderful Money Making Magic of Genie's Gifts Slots

Are you looking to change your future with the help of a genie and some reel spinning magic, but do you fear that helpful genies in bottles are impossible to find? then you should definitely head over to Revolver Gaming powered casino platforms as it is there that you can experience the wonderful money making magic of Genie's Gifts Slots at any moment of the day.