Hurdy Gurdy Slots

Hurdy Gurdy Slots
What do you want from a slot game? Interactive bonus games, free spins and substantial payouts are the top three requests from casino players. Play Hurdy Gurdy slots and experience all three. Plus, music and sound effects fit the theme. Polka music plays during free spin rounds. Realistic cow sounds and the giggling milk maiden all add ambiance.

The Dutch-themed slot game offers three decent payouts ranging from 1,000 to 7,000 coins, better than prizes you'd find playing Cupid's Arrow slot games or Crazy Cherry slots. There's also an interactive bonus game and free spin rewards with 3x multipliers. As if that isn't enough, the lower tiers on the paytable range from 5 to 500 coins making it easy to win back bets.

Getting Started

Betting is important. The coin values in Hurdy Gurdy range from a penny to $10. There are 25 paylines that you can wager on. Hit Bet Max if you want to bet on all 25 paylines. The highest possible bet is $250. With a nickel wager, a max bet is only $1.25, very affordable for beginners or those who budget their money.

Once you've decided on your wager, click spin or autoplay. With autoplay, you can have the computer take over spinning for up to 500 rounds.

Unlike many slot games, you won't find poker symbols on these reels. Symbols include wooden clogs and Belgian waffles (5 to 100 coins), Edam cheese and cowbells (10 to 150 coins) and tulips and windmills (15 to 250 coins). The milk cow, mother, father and handsome suitor named Jahn range in value from 20 to 3,000 coins.

Hurdy is the pretty blonde milkmaid. She's also the game's wild card. Her value is impressive. Land five of her and earn 7,000 coins. If Hurdy, Jahn and the tulips end up on the second, third and fourth reels, you win 15 free spins and a 3x multiplier during those free spin rounds.

Hurdy Gurdy Bonus Game

Land three or more milk pail scatters and the Hurdy Gurdy bonus game launches. You'll see an animated milk cow stood in front of a table. There are five milk buckets sitting on that table. Choose three buckets for the cow to kick over. Each spilled bucket reveals a prize.

The Hurdy Gurdy slots bonus game passes quickly. The cow wastes no time getting to work. However, with the right choices, you stand to win quite a bundle.

Milk the Cash Cow for All She's Worth

Head to your favorite casino for this and other exciting slot games. Liberty Slots Casino offers exciting games and rewards new players with substantial bonus offers. You'll find online USA casinos that have Winter Wonderland also offers Hurdy Gurdy, Halloween slots and more. Download free software or play Hurdy Gurdy slots online using Flash casinos.