Vampire Vixen Slots

Vampire Vixen Slots
If 25 pay lines and a jackpot of $80,000 isn't enough to lure anyone into the grasp of Vampire Vixen Slots by night then we're not sure what is. This game requires nothing more than a brave disposition to look past the atmospheric music, sound effects and the spooky skulls and bats that fill the screen's background.

Vampire Vixen Slots is a very easy game to get the hang of, with no extraneous rules or buttons hanging around on the screen. All the player needs to do is download the software for this game and develop their own cunning strategy...

How Will You Recruit Your Victims?

As far as supernatural predators go, vampires are amongst the most frightening. Yet even still, they need to devise a strategy for rounding up as many victims as possible. Vampire Vixen Slots players should be no different, and we recommend that they hang on to their money and win even more by using the rule of three.

Begin by betting a small amount for the first two spins (the smallest denomination that you can bet is $0.01) and then on the third go raise this right up to one of the highest (the highest denomination that you can bet is $10) and keep repeating, no matter what you win or lose. These kinds of strategies always work best on slots when you are betting on all of the paylines.

Sleep with One Eye Open

Look out for the brightly colored numbers one, two, three , four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, jack, queen, king, and ace in this game. Land them in the right combinations and you'll win cash or free lines. There are also smashed mirror, scared victim and a wolf symbols amongst others and within them are the scatter and wild symbols. To get to know which symbols they are and how they might affect your game we recommend you play your first on 'auto play' (button in the bottom left hand corner of the screen) or only play with play money until you feel confident.

Vampire Vixen Slots Free Spins

The bonus game for Vampire Vixen Slots involves free spins and players win them when three or more scatter symbols are landed anywhere on the screen during any spin. It's during these free spins that the winnings are also doubled or tripled, so it's a good idea to start betting high when you're playing the bonus round.

When Dusk Falls

Vampire Vixen Slots is the perfect game to play at night time when you're all alone in the house. Feel the chill as you download the game's software, but don't worry about getting lost in the installation as it's incredibly simple to follow. Perhaps hang a ring of garlic around your neck, though, just in case!