Fruit Slots

They say fruits are good for your health. Now, fruits can win your prizes, too! Have your daily serving of fresh fruits by playing Fruit Slots at Lincoln Casino! On our Lincoln Casino review page you can find all about payment system and promotions.

Fruit Slots Basics

Fruit Slots is a great fruit-themed slot designed by WGT– one of the best games software companies online. The interface is intuitive and the buttons are easy to find. It looks a mite too colorful, but that's good or bad depending on your tastes. Anyway, what can you expect a platter of fruit to look like if not colorful?

Fruit Slots can be played using coin value ranging from 25 cents to 10 dollars. Additionally, you can play from one up to three coins. It also has three reels and one payline. On the surface, indeed, it appears to be just like any other classic slot game out there. However, there's much more to Fruit Slots than meets the eye. It is no wonder, really, that Fruit Slots is making such a splash online.

Great Prizes with Fruit Slots at VIP Slots!

Fruit Slots can give you a greater chance of winning. Fruit Slots has 12 winning combinations! This is three combinations more than the usual 3-reel slot online. Two Cherry symbols is the lowest winning combination. One Fruit Slots symbol on any of the reels or 3 Cherries on the payline will win you up to 15 coins. A combination of 3 similar fruit symbols except the Cherry (Lemons, Oranges, Plums and Watermelons), meanwhile, will win you up to 30 coins. A group of 3 similar Bar symbols, however, can win you more; win up to 60 coins for 3 one-Bar symbols, 120 for 3 two-bar symbols, and 240 for 3 three-bar symbols.

Fruit Slots, aside from having more winning combinations, also gives great returns on a max bet. Imagine, if you land the highest-paying combination (three Fruit Slots symbols) on a spin where you bet three coins (the maximum bet), you can win 2,500 coins! This is 1,750 more coins than you would usually expect from a typical classic slot game. After all, a 2-coin and a 1-coin spin that results in the highest combination will only win you 500 and 250 coins, respectively. Thus, a 3-coin spin that lands you the highest-paying combination in a traditional slot game would win you no more than 750 coins.

Fruit Slots

Fruit Slots is a great game for people who love the 3-reel classic slots but want more winning combinations. It is also for people who prefer playing at max bet all the time, and Fruit Slots offers a great advantage to those who bet 3 coins for every spin. If you just love playing slots, however, there's still everything to love about the Fruit Slots game. Get your fruit fun overload; play Fruit Slots at Lincoln Casino now!

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