Pirate Slots

If you are tiring of all the multiple paylines and reels on some of today’s slot machines online, give the Pirate Slots a try. This has a classic feel to it and just three reels to worry about. And with one payline you can focus on getting the exact symbols you want all in that one row.

How much do you have to bet in minimum and maximum amounts?

You can bet between ten cents and ten dollars, in increments determined by the game. So you have ten cents, twenty cents, fifty cents, a dollar and then every dollar after that to get to ten dollars maximum.

What kinds of symbols are used?

You’ll see pirate ships, compasses, pirates and parrots among other things in this game. The top prize is paid out if you manage to get three pirates all in a row.

If you manage to get a skull and crossbones flag, a cannon, a parrot or a compass on the left side of the screen, you win a small prize. So you may not even need to get more than one symbol in a row to win in the Pirate Slots game.

What does the ‘bet max’ feature do?

The idea is that you set the level of your bet with the left hand button, using the plus and minus symbols. The ‘bet max’ button then allows you to multiply whatever you have bet by two, which enables you to win whatever prize comes up in the second column in the chart on the left hand side.

If you just want to bet one credit per spin, click on the ‘bet one’ button instead of the ‘bet max’ button. All you have to do then is click on the ‘spin’ button.

Is it easy to tell when you win?

Yes – the game is nice and easy to understand in this way. A line will appear through the reels to indicate which symbols have come up. In addition to this the pay table on the left hand side of the screen will flash, showing you exactly which symbols you have won with and how many credits you have won.

The Pirate Slots game is nice and easy to understand and play.