Dazzling Dice

21 Wilds Slots

Many players are interested in familiarizing themselves with something new. It is part of a player's nature to get a hold of new things and become tuned in with the trend. Liberty Slots Casino certainly has a good grasp of this nature as they offer games that are not usually seen nor played in other online casinos. You could try Dazzling Dice and compare it with other games you’ve played previously to see that it is actually worth trying out for a change.

Rules on Payouts

It is good to know what payout you are eligible to receive should you hit these winning combinations while playing. These are all patterned after poker hands. First is five of a kind which means five of the dice are showing the same value. High straight includes 10, J, Q, K and A. Low straight goes one card lower with 9, 10, J, Q and K. Four of a kind shows four of the dice with the same values. Full house is synonymous to poker hands with three of a kind plus pair. Three of a kind is similar to full house except that there’s no pair involved in it. Part of calculating your winnings involve the bet amount, so feel free to place bets of $0.25 or as high as twelve $5 in coin denominations. Also, if the dice combination falls on an active payline where you placed your bet(s), you can expect payout on those but not on inactive paylines even if a winning dice combination should fall on those.

Game Information

This specialty game has five columns and similar number of rows, too. There are 12 paylines you can activate according to your personal preferences for playing the game. The game features a special dice movement which is not like your usual slot machine games. When the dice stop from spinning, the combinations from the dice are compared to the paylines you selected while betting. With 5 columns and rows, there are 25 positions possible in the game. And each of these positions has a 6 die. For each game played, the position may possibly contain a choice among the different 6 die.

Live support is available while playing the game. Same goes for email and phone supports in case there are questions you need to ask while playing this game at Liberty Slots Casino.