Reel Poker Slots is the Real Deal

Reel Poker Slots
Great news if you’re looking for something really different and a whole new fresh approach to online casino games with a twist. If you love to play slots and video poker, well now you can do both at the same time and win some serious cash…no poker face required. This game is even better and it’s bulked and full of features like 52 card symbols and a hit rate of 61% that means there are more than 100 ways to win. Another quality game from Wager Gaming Technology who has been bringing world-class for years; a pioneer in the industry and they just keep getting better. But this game is a real game changer; that’s what makes it so special when it comes to delivering the best of both worlds: Slots and Video poker. When you see the game, it’s really straight forward, bold, full of color, 5 reels and even comes with some animations and characters to keep it interesting. The game design is full of cards, comes on a green background with lots of bright graphics and images. On the top left is a minor jackpots window where you must win by $75.00. In the middle of the gaming interface is the logo that has the words Reel in red, Poker in yellow and Slots in blue. To the right of the logo is the major jackpot that you must win by $750. On the reels there are some really charming and happy looking symbols that include playing cards cartoon characters smiling like the King of Diamonds, 5 of Hearts, 10 of spades and the rest of cards in the deck. Below that is there is a moving scroll that provides all the current information on the game. Then there is an auto play button, menu/help, choose number of coins selector, a big, bold blue Spin button in the middle, bet amount window and the win amount.

Reel Poker Slots has free spins everywhere

Slots players love to have lots of free spins and that is what makes this game so great. There is a match cards free spin feature that will provide the frequent free spins so you can make the most of every spin. This feature is triggered randomly so you never know when it’s going to hit and let you roll away with all those free spins. You can even win up to 20 free spins and when you add up all the multipliers it can add up fast. Multipliers can start with one and work their way to up to five times the amount won and there are many ways to win like when you get select the x2 card; and then you can double the number of free spins. To top this game off there are three jackpots that include a progressive jackpot as well; and it doesn’t matter what denominations of coins sizes you’re playing. Only the progressive jackpot requires you to play 5 coins for each spin for a chance to win. Just like poker you can get royal flushes, straights and all the hands you get when you play video poker, but on a slots game. So if you’re looking for something new but love your slots and playing poker, then you’re going to really want to watch these reels spin with over 100 chances to win. All the animations, music, game play and sounds keep it interesting and make you feel like you’re playing in your favourite casino, but with three jackpots. Check this game and get your slots and video poker all in one place. Play Now!