Treasure Slots

The treasure slots come with several bonus features and it’s really interesting and fun to play. Most of all these features add an excellent element of skill in the game. If you really need to get the most exciting and fantastic thrill of casino games then I would edge you to play the various treasure slots available. There are several treasure slots available at many online casino sites and here are some of the exciting games that I would recommend you to play and eventually you will get the real feel of these games. These slot games are actually simple for beginners and in a very short time you will now be spinning the wheel and enjoying the great treasure slots.

The best treasure slots you may try out are: Aztec's Treasure Slots, Tiger Treasures Slots, and Desert Treasure, King Tut's Treasure and Treasure Trail Slots.

Desert Treasure Slots

The Desert Treasure Slots is an interesting slot machine which is a multi-line slot machine offering 5-reels and 20 paylines. The features that it offers include A Wild Symbol, 200 coin per spin max bet, scatter symbol, bonus round and a chance to get 10 free spins is a mysterious woman appears three times across the paylines. When ever you hit three or more map symbols you are awarded a bonus round at which you will be allowed to select a chest form the various chest available in order for you to win. The bonus round is fun and very exciting too. Once you start playing this game you would not want to stop any more because it actually relaxes your mind and sets you in a pleasant scenario. You will become involved in the game and all you maximum concentration would be on the machines not because you want to win but because of the great things you will be experiencing from the slot machine.

The Desert Treasure Slot accepts various coins and these ranges from 1c, 5c, 10c, 25c, 50c, $2 and $5. The symbols that this slot uses are the Oasis, Men, Wild Cobra, Aces, Queens, Jacks, Kings, and a mysterious woman and this is used as the scatter symbol. The game offers you a 10000 coin jackpot and you also have a chance of winning $50 000 as well.

Try this slot game and see how exciting it will be. So start playing Desert Treasure slot now!

King Tuts Treasure Slots

This is slot game from Australian and it is often referred to as the Pokie. Once you make a deposit you will immediately receive the Treasure Slots. You will receive a unique code that you will use on several games. The game is based on the theme of ancient Egyptians. The pyramids and pharaoh will offer you a great chance to get the Queen of the county and goes by the name of Cleopatra. You have the options of saving her jewels and you have to defeat Aps in order to win treasures.

In order for you to win The Treasure you first of all have got to learn how the game is played. The game makes use of 13 symbols and each symbol will appear on each payline. If the player is able to hit three symbols or more across the paylines then you receive credits. The symbol pyramid is the scatter and the eye of Ra is the symbol of the wild card which in turn can be substituted by all other symbols beside the scatter symbol.

The interesting feature of this game is the Jewel named Cleopatra. If this features on any payline you will receive 10 free games and these are often called the yellows jewel games. During your play if you are able to collect jewels upto 15 you will proceed to the advance level of the game.

You are able to experience a great thrill of the King Tuts Treasure Slots and this will indeed be a fabulous game to play. If you make it to the advanced level the game becomes more fun and interesting. I would say this is a fabulous game to play.

Treasure Trail Slots

This is a 3 reel progressive game which is based on the theme of gold mining. If you want to feel the thrill of gold, Lincoln Casino will do it for you.

The treasure trail makes use of four buttons. The first button is used to increase the number of coins as per your bet. When it reaches its maximum number of coins it restarts count. Then you would have to click the Spin button to spin the reels. The Bet Max Button allows you to automatically place the total number of coins that are allowed by the game and the reels start spinning. The Spin button allows you to commence the game.

The treasure trail limits and payouts is that the minimum wager that is allowed is 1c and the maximum wager is $2. In order to play progressive and win the jackpot you must play maximum bet.

This is a very simple game to play and in order for you to win the jackpot you first have to understand the rules of the treasure trail.

Rules of Treasure Trail

  1. - In order to win jackpot you must play maximum bet.
  2. - The more coins you put is the more you increase your payout.
  3. - You only get paid after a combination has fallen in the three payline
  4. - Your combinations are observed once the will has stopped turning

Aztec's Treasure Slots

Get geared for a jungle adventure at the heart of the ancient Aztec Empire. This is a very hot new game at the Rushmore Casino and you will certainly enjoy this game every moment you spin the reels. This is a 5-reel slot game which features 20 paylines and this will certainly give you great chances of winning. Aztec treasure has got other several features that it has to offer and these will definitely thrill you with great excitement. The Aztec’s Treasure slot bonus game is triggered by a symbol of the Aztec Idol scatter. You are able to win free spins of 5, 15, or 25 by simply finding the 3, 4, 5 idols that will be anywhere on the reels. You are also able to win additional free spins during your free spins.

There is also an option of auto play available and this will put the Aztec treasure in a continuous play. In order to put the game to auto play you have to simply press the auto play button and the Aztec will go. This would be very good if you want to watch the action. The great part about auto play is that you are able to win bonus games.

Aztec Treasure is a fantastic slot game to play whether you are paying for fun or you are playing to win. Aztec offers you great bonus games, auto play and you are able to substitute any symbol for the scatter dolls which make this game a treasure.

If you are thinking of playing Aztec Treasure Slots you can do so by downloading the Silver Oak Casino and experience the great treasure that Aztec has got to offer.

Tiger Treasures Slots

This is a game which has been created by the Real Time Gaming Software at which the main theme of the game is to find the hidden treasure. The games constitutes of 5-reels, 20 paylines at which there is a greater chance for you to hit the perfect combinations. This game is filled with great sound effects great graphics that will certainly make you seat back relax and watch the game play when ever you make a spin. In order for you to win there are some basic rules you have got to understand. There are symbols that you need to identify so as to know your target and you have to understand about its equivalent prize according to the combinations you would have hit. Eventually this will make you place you bets with ease so as to win and find the treasure.

There are keys for you to find and unlock the treasure. Amongst the symbols you are able to find the rubies, pandas, Bengal tigers, shiny jewels and the Chinese characters. The symbol of the tiger is often found in the reels 2 and 4 and it constitutes in the winning combination. There is also a bonus round which is the free spin. You will often get this when you make a combination of the same symbols 3 or more on the reels. When this happens you will get up to 25 free games and you will also be able to get the tiger on the third reel thereby increasing your chances of winning. If you want to know where the treasure lies then you would have to make sure that you hit the right places.

The place to hit the treasure is at Silver Oak Casino USA. They will offer you great sign-up bonuses and several other fantastic bonuses and promotions as well. So download the Tiger Treasure Slots at Silver Oak Casino and start finding the treasure as from today.

All these slot games are very interesting to play and they are very easy to learn. You will be excited with all the bonuses that these slots have got to offer and you will be able to increase your chances of winning. The great observation from all these slots are that the more coins you put is the more chances you will increase you payouts as well as your winnings. Definitely if you are to try these slots for the first time you will be amazed with all the graphics and great sound that is delivered from these machines and above all you will be thrilled whilst playing these games.