Video Slots- Pros and Cons

Nowadays casinos are flooded with various video slot games and the 5 reel games have become popular through out land based and online casinos.

What are video slots?

Video slots are any game that makes use of a computer screen to display the reels. Generally, the video slot games have got 5 reels and they offer 5 to 50 paylines and they have got bonus features such as the free spins.

Key Differences between Video Slots and Classic Slots

Payout Tables: There are more winning combinations for the video slots. Coin Sizes: As compared to the standard slot the video slot have got lower denominations. Bonus games: The video slots offer several bonus features. Scatter Pays: Video slots make use of the scatter symbols at which you are paid if it appears on a line disregard to what combination you have. Max Bet: You are able to place more bets per single payline.

Advantages of Video Slots

The main advantage of the video slot machines is the lower coin denominations. You are able to find penny video slots and for sure you will get to enjoy you gaming experience. Another advantage is that the video slots have become popular worldwide and they have a much higher rate of payout than compared to the standard slots. This is due to the fact that the video slots have got more lines and more winning combinations. Another advantage is the bonus feature which adds more exciting gaming experience. The bonus games of the video slots have got no limitations and this brings great exciting additions.

Disadvantages of Video Slots

With the video slots you get to play more coins per line when [playing on max bet and this is one of the major disadvantages it has got over the standard slots. Therefore, you would have to read the pay table so as to check how much it will cost you to play on max bet. The best way would be for you to play all pay lines so as not to get disappointed.

Which Type of Slots Are Better?

If you think that the more reels a slot game has got is the more difficult it gets you would be very wrong indeed. All slot machines are programmed to give out a standard payout of 95% disregard to how many pay lines are there. The winning odds are the same as of the 3 reels and the 5 reels and also to include other higher reels. The pay back is exactly the same amount. It is merely a personal choice to select your favorite slot game.