Triple Deuces Video Poker

Perhaps one of the more popular poker games at online casinos is deuces wild video poker. With the twos acting as wild cards, the payout for four deuces is 1000 coins. But, take this same game and add another wild two, and you have one of the most exciting poker games online - Triple Deuces video poker!

In triple deuces video poker, the possibilities are endless! Let’s take a look at some of these possibilities. As mentioned earlier, in single hand deuces wild, getting four deuces pays out 1000 coins. In Triple Deuces Video Poker, a single hand producing four deuces pays out 3000 coins with a bet of 5 coins.

Let’s take this a step further. Let’s assume you play multi-hand deuces wild consisting of 2-4 hands. With a payout of 3000 coins for four deuces, this multiplied by 2 to 4 hands is quite a handsome payout. Now, imagine playing 10-hand triple deuces wild. The possible combinations forming winning hands are not only higher, but considering the payouts with a bet max of $100 – you could win the ultimate prize.

Poker enthusiast’s love playing triple deuces poker because the odds of getting a Royal Flush, the best hand you could get in poker, is very high especially if you have three wild 2s. Statistically, getting four of a kind happens more frequently than in regular games of poker where nothing is wild. Although the chances of getting five of a kind are increased playing Triple Deuces Video Poker, it is the deuces that win the highest payouts.

At Golden Slots, we have listed the Best Video Poker Games. Among them are video poker games where deuces play the ultimate role in winning high payouts. 10-Hand Deuces Wild Poker, Deuces Wild Video Poker, and Multi-Hand Deuces Wild Poker are three video poker games where the wild deuces can bring about not only a winning hand, but a lucrative winning hand as well.

Considering that any one of these video poker games can yield triple deuces, we invite you to play them at Liberty Slots Casino where the rules of the game are provided as well as the payout tables. Whether you are new to the game or a seasoned player, video poker stands out as one of the all-time favorite casino games online.