Free 5 Reel Slots With Bonus

If you’ve been an avid casino gamer since the early days (whether it’s been at offline physical locations, or in the online space), then you’re almost certainly familiar with the run-of-the-mill Classic Slot. These are usually 3 Reel contraptions with single paylines, although a sizable number of them have multiple paylines. You’re lucky to get one with both Wild and Scatter symbols, which help your chances. The 3 rows of symbols often provide an adequate number of ways to win - though one can understand if you want the chance at a greater run of luck.

The Rise of the 5 Reel Slot

As Slots in general became more popular, the collective call for greater variation in the casino options was met with the steady release of 5 Reel Slots. The jump up to 5 reels means a whole new world of betting options open up - as well as more ways to win on the paylines. This last, as you might expect, truly significant. The 5 Reel Slot can easily grant you 20 or more ways to win; and, when you increase the number of coins you bet per line, even more. Although the maximum bet seems like the most attractive option (who doesn’t want to go for the big win?), it might not be worth it unless the 5 Reel Slot is of the Progressive variety, where the jackpot keeps increasing.

Which Slot is the Better One to Play?

Ultimately, the best way to look at the 5 Reel Slot is that it gives you a better chance to win a bigger payout - as well more frequent payouts in the long term. The 3 Reel Slot generally caters to the conservative bettor - you may stand to lose less frequently, and the payout will be smaller. You shouldn’t treat this as significant, though, because it’s mostly a mathematical result under ideal conditions.

The truth is that, in both online gaming casinos and physical ones, the reels are weighted. That means the odds of winning on either a 3 Reel or a 5 Reel Slot are pretty much identical. Since 5 Reels Slots tend to be more entertaining because of all the added features, it’s a good option for those that want to be visually wowed. Check out this selection of 5 Reel Slots for your playing pleasure.

The Good and Very Little Bad of Five Reel Slots

Over the year’s slots have developed in many ways since their first inception from a garage with spinning drums. Today there are many different types of slots games and the most popular types are without a doubt the five-reel slots. Five-reel slots are also known as video slots and they are games that are based around five reels. The number of paylines differs from game to game and there are also games with no set paylines but winning ways. With all the five-reel games, players get to try out the games before placing real money bets which gives them a head start on the different features of the game.

The History of Five Reel Slots

The developments in technology have mirrored the developments in the gaming industry and especially with the five-reel slots. Over time the games have become more complex with more detailed symbols and clever bonus games. Every year advancements in technology mean that the games offer more and more to the player. To begin with, these games were only available by dialing up to join the internet network, then over time the player had his own home network with no dialup necessary. The casino and games were still downloaded to the players computer and the casino had to connect for the player to start enjoying the five-reel slots. As technology progressed so did access to the casinos and their games and this has been highlighted with the instant play casino games. And further to these mobile five-reel slots became available directly through different mobile devices with no need for any downloads and the games can be played from any location at any time of the day or night.

Free Casino Video Slots - Different Paylines and Winning Ways

Five-reel slots are not limited to just one set of paylines. The five-reel slots include a variety of different games with different paylines. Each game states its paylines with the description of the game and some games have as many as 100 paylines. In order to earn a payout, the player needs to line up the same symbols on a payline. The more of the same symbols that appear on a payline, the greater the payout and the better it is for the player. In recent years set paylines have been swapped for winning ways. The winning ways are not detailed by diagrams and winnings work in all directions if the player lands two or more of the same symbols next to each other.

Subjects and Themes of the Five Reel Slots

Slots were traditionally based around fruit and bell symbols, based on the original Liberty Bell slots game. But with the development of the slots games the different themes and styles offered has also developed. Today players can find literally any subject in a slots game. This includes games about house animals, safaris, underwater themes, fantasy themes, movie stars and movie themes. The creators of the five-reel slots use poetic license to entertain players with different stories and characters that are used in the games and there are also licensed games that use original footage from movies and cartoon characters.

Bonuses and Special Features

There are so many different types of bonuses added to the five-reel slots that add to the excitement of playing these games. There are wild symbols that substitute for other symbols and in this way create winning payouts. There are scatter symbols that offer multiplying payouts and there are bonus symbols that lead to many different bonus opportunities. The bonus opportunities include free spins that can be won as a group or in different amounts depending on the number of triggers. There are off screen bonus games to win with different stages or symbols, interactive games such as pick and win or even spinning a wheel. Each of the bonus games adds to the excitement of the five reel slots and gives the player more winning chances and definitely more thrills.

Betting Options with Five Reel Slots

Each five-reel slots game has its own rules and way of playing. There are game where the player has a set coin size and there are games where the player can place up to 10 coins per payline. There are also games where the player can choose different coin sizes that reach high amounts giving the high roller and the regular player the same opportunities in the same game. The different betting options can be seen at the bottom of the screen where the player can choose the number of coins and the coin size that he wants to use.

The Pros and Cons of Five Reel Slots

As can be expected, playing five-reel slots is mainly about the positive side. The variety of games offered gives players plenty to look for and plenty to try out. There are many different themes that can also introduce subjects to players that they previously did not know about. Players with high budgets are just as likely to play these games as players with low budgets. There are many more ways to win and receive bonus payouts when playing five-reel slots. One of the only cons is that the player needs to concentrate much more on the game and understand all the different options offered in order to understand the game fully and the player needs to be able to multi task. Having said that it is still the best way to enjoy slots games and with the option of enjoying the games online or on a mobile device, five-reel slots are the number one choice for many players.