5-reel slots

If you’ve been an avid casino gamer since the early days (whether it’s been at offline physical locations, or in the online space), then you’re almost certainly familiar with the run-of-the-mill Classic Slot. These are usually 3 Reel contraptions with single paylines, although a sizable number of them have multiple paylines. You’re lucky to get one with both Wild and Scatter symbols, which help your chances. The 3 rows of symbols often provide an adequate number of ways to win - though one can understand if you want the chance at a greater run of luck.

The Rise of the 5 Reel Slot

As Slots in general became more popular, the collective call for greater variation in the casino options was met with the steady release of 5 Reel Slots. The jump up to 5 reels means a whole new world of betting options open up - as well as more ways to win on the paylines. This last, as you might expect, truly significant. The 5 Reel Slot can easily grant you 20 or more ways to win; and, when you increase the number of coins you bet per line, even more. Although the maximum bet seems like the most attractive option (who doesn’t want to go for the big win?), it might not be worth it unless the 5 Reel Slot is of the Progressive variety, where the jackpot keeps increasing.

Which Slot is the Better One to Play?

Ultimately, the best way to look at the 5 Reel Slot is that it gives you a better chance to win a bigger payout - as well more frequent payouts in the long term. The 3 Reel Slot generally caters to the conservative bettor - you may stand to lose less frequently, and the payout will be smaller. You shouldn’t treat this as significant, though, because it’s mostly a mathematical result under ideal conditions.

The truth is that, in both online gaming casinos and physical ones, the reels are weighted. That means the odds of winning on either a 3 Reel or a 5 Reel Slot are pretty much identical. Since 5 Reels Slots tend to be more entertaining because of all the added features, it’s a good option for those that want to be visually wowed. Check out this selection of 5 Reel Slots for your playing pleasure.

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