Farming Futures Slots

Farming Futures Slots

Farm in Slot Games

If you are attuned to the rural life, then Lincoln Casino’s Farming Futures will be a good game to play for you. The farm is a good place to remember where peace and tranquility are part and parcel of life. One can almost taste the sweetness of natural foods fresh from the pick, and neighbors being nice to one another as they meet each other down the dirt road. Everyone seems to know all the people in the area, and it is nice to reminisce about the times when you go on such farm visits.

Central Characters in Farming Futures Slots

One finds that many slot machines continue to be attractive to several groups of people by offering a theme that would naturally appeal to their taste. This is further emphasized to me, as I have fond memories of farm life where my grandparents used to live.

With Farming Futures, you get more fun with 7 reels and 9 paylines to be activated. There are six symbols that can mean big payouts should you receive at least three of each or more. There’s the farmer where three symbols gets 50 times your bet in payout, four gets 250 more, five receives 500 more, six gets 1000 more, and seven corresponds to 2500 more in payout. For a horse, three to seven symbols gets the player 25, 50, 100, 250, and 1000 more in payouts. For the duck, cow, goat, and pig, these symbols will also merit a corresponding payout. The winnings depend heavily on the amount of the bet where the winning combination has landed.

Farming Futures Game Rules

Farming Futures has seven reels, much more than the usual 5 and 3 reels. There is a maximum of nine paylines as well for this game. The player gets the chance to spin the reels after choosing the coin bet and the paylines he or she would prefer playing at that time. Only winning combinations on active paylines will allow the player to win the corresponding payouts from each. If you want to check on the payout table, this can be done by clicking on Paytable and return to the game in a second with the button To Reels.

You can decide for yourself on the amount of the coin bet you wish to play, from a low of $0.01 up to as much as $10 for the nine paylines. The higher the coin bet, the better for a player especially if it turns out to be a winner. Play Farming Future Slots either on the go, or from the comfort of your home using Lincoln Casino's Instant Flash Play feature!