X Marks the Spot Slots

In a way, you can say that playing slot machines is similar to treasure hunting where you have a chance to increase your winnings up to a thousand times your regular bet. At Liberty Slots Casino, one of the slot machines you can play to attempt this bold dream is X Marks the Spot Slots. This may yet be the trigger you need to more than just dream big, but actually live the dream!

X Marks the Spot Slots - How It Is Played

If you are new to Liberty Slots Casino, playing X Marks the Spots is easy. Similar to other slot machines played at Liberty Slots Casino, you need to figure out the coin size you want to play. This can be completed by hitting on either the plus or minus buttons found on the box for coin selection. The next thing to do is select how many paylines you want to play. Each payline may show the same or different coin bets, depending on how you wish it to be played. Bet Max gives you the chance to play 20 paylines in succession with a 20-coin bet, which is the maximum that can be played on X Marks the Spot. Finally, to get the reels turning, simply click on Spin or Bet Max to start. You may opt to let the reels stop on their own, or you may hit Stop Spin if you want to get more control over the outcome. Autoplay is also accessible so that you don't need to manually hit the Spin for each and every payline you bet on.

Bonus Game

Symbols appearing with the Treasure Map on reels 1, 3 and 5 will automatically lead you to the bonus round. When this is launched, this takes precedence over other paylines you have lined up for play. The screens you will view has a Treasure Map complete with 8 xs on it with a pirate at the center. You can move the pirate to any one of the locations marked with an x to be able to seek your fortune in treasures. After the pirate digs into all locations, you may trade the treasure you have for a golden key to open a golden chest which can either be half or one and one-half of your original treasure.