City of Gold Slots

This 25 payline, 5 reel slot game is set in Aztec Mexico, some 500 to 1000 years ago. City of Gold Slots brings the player spinning back in time, to the time of the Nahuatl people and their elaborate, gold-laden metropolis.

Game play is much like any other 25 payline game of slots. Choose your wager and how many lines you want to place that wager on, and press spin. Bet the minimum value of $0.01 on just 10 lines and you'll bet $0.10 in total. Bet the maximum of $10 on all 25 paylines and you'll bet $250.

Finding What Is Symbolic of a Huge Jackpot Win:

Symbols in the game include the golden archway, pampas grass and colored beads amongst others. There are also the various colored jack, queen, king, ace and numbers that can spell a big win when matched up on a payline. Speaking of big wins, the highest jackpot is $180,000. Hit just the right combination and you'll enter the City of Gold Slots bonus game, where any number of free spins can be won and during those free spins the winnings are boosted up too.

Make Sense of the Mexican Madness with a Strategy:

It's easy with City of Gold to get fruitful results from maintaining a strategy. As ever, any strategy should follow a rule of three or four where you bet small for the first two or three goes, and then on the third or fourth go hell for leather. So you might choose to bet the minimum - $0.01 - for two goes and then on the third shoot right up to $10. You might well lose for the first three to five goes, but after that you're highly likely to win big, making up for those losses, and much more.

There is also, of course, the option of starting off on auto-play and simply using play money. Doing this means you can watch a typical game and get to know the rules before you start putting real money bets down. Everyone needs to start somewhere, and City of Gold is a very good one. If you're concerned about your balance then you can keep an eye on it in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. Here it shows you your overall balance that can be used in all slots games, but also your current game bonus to be won in that game only.

Going for Gold:

To go back in time to c.1000 AD and visit the Aztec City of Gold, all a player needs to do is create an Online account and download the software for this particular game. Installation is simple, just like the actual game play, so City of Gold Slots is an ideal choice for beginners with a penchant for the most precious of metals.