Firehawk Slots

Firehawk Slots is based on the culture of indigenous tribes in old world America. For anyone interested or inspired by this period of history, Fire Hawk Slots can transport them back to as early as the 1200s to a rocky desert landscape dotted with tee-pees, fires and animals.

This slot game's relaxing background, music and sound effects coupled with warm colors make for an atmospheric game and potentially a very high paying one. The maximum wager that a player can put on each of the 25 featured paylines is $10, meaning that per go, the maximum bet can reach $250. Use this kind of bet on one of the free goes that can be won during the bonus round and you could hit the jackpot of $600,000.

Firehawk Slots Bonus round

The bonus round is triggered when a player lands three or more scatter symbols on the screen at any given time. Depending on how many are landed, they will win a certain number of free spins and during each of which the wagers are doubled or tripled to give such high payouts.

'Dances with Wolves' to 'Wins with Strategies':

If you're looking for a chilled out game where the money changing hands doesn't get too high, however, then Firehawk Slots is still your game. The minimum bet is $0.01 and you could even bet this on just one payline so you have a spin for just one cent. This is a good tactic to implement within a game strategy, so you do this three times and then on your fourth go shoot up to a $5 bet on all 25 paylines. Sooner or later this is guaranteed to lead to a win.

Ace is High or Low; It Doesn't Matter

Symbols in the game are also classic symbols that would've been seen some 1000 years ago in the US. For instance head dresses adorned with feathers and beads, as well as animal-hide drums and beautiful native American women. Other symbols include the numbers two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine and ten and the letters J for Jack, Q for Queen, K for King and A for Ace. Get these in a flush, or match up five of the same symbols and you'll be in for a big cash prize.

Get to Know the Natives:

Downloading Firehawk Slots is very easily done, even for the not so computer-savvy. From there all players need to do is create an account and make a deposit so they have money to play with. That doesn't mean to say they have to start playing with real money straight away, however. Opt for play money and click 'auto-play' in the bottom left hand corner of the screen to see how a usual game of slots might pan out. From there you can learn the rules and develop a strategy, ready for when you start putting wagers on each spin and be in with a chance of winning the massive $600,000 dollar jackpot.