Great Eggspectations Slots

Great Eggspectations Slots is a cute and fun Easter and egg themed slot title from the software development company Booming Games. This 10 pay-lines, five reel and three row virtual slot title will put you in good spirits with its happy farm and nature themed design and sound elements. Play it when you eggspect to make big profits the next time that you go online to gamble and have fun at online casinos.

Design Elements That Triggers Good Vibes

The design of this game will most certainly make you happy, because after all, who doesn't love to see a clear blue sky that hovers over a green countryside landscape. And to further delight the eyes, there are also cute looking chicks, beautifully decorated Easter eggs, flowers and fluffy bunnies that hand out big rewards.

All of this light slot game delight is topped off with a gentle tune that relaxes you while a bunch of chirping birds further lighten up your day. All in all, this game's design has it all to put you into a good mood, and that mood will only grow better if you see what's in store when it comes to casino cash rewards.

Spin a Very Cute and Very Profitable Wild on the Reels

The bonus symbols come in cute forms at this online slot machine game. First off, a cuddly white bunny with a flower in its paw represents the wild and the jackpot reward in the game. Always make sure that you bet with the highest wager, because if this bunny hits the reels in a combination of five while the highest bet is being played, then you receive the amazing jackpot reward of 60000.00 credits. And don't shed any tears when you only manage to make a symbol row of only 4 white bunnies in combination with the highest wager, because then you will still receive a great prize of 7500.00 credits.

In addition to using the white bunny as a jackpot reward trigger, you can also use it as a win combination creating wild. As a wild, it can substitute other reel attributes in a combination so that a win can occur. There is one symbol that it is not able to replace, and that icon is the bunny with the carrot scatter attribute.

Trigger Scatter Free Spins with Another Cute Looking Bunny

Another cute looking bunny is the representation of the scatter icon in Great Eggspectations Slots. You recognize it by the carrot that it has in its paw. You need to make sure that this bunny shows up at least three times on the slot machine reels, because such an occurrence will trigger the free spins gift. This initial gift is one of ten free spins, but more free spins can be won if luck is on your side. Spin another set of at least three scatters during your free spins session and you will receive an additional 10 free spins reward.

Spin Colorful Symbols into Combinations to Make Non-Feature Wins

The remaining symbols in this game mostly stand out because of their colors and decorations. The three eggs are the most important and highest paying non-feature icons. The egg with the stars printed on it is the one that you especially need to pay attention to, because it gives the best non-feature payout of no less than 9000.00 credits if you spin it in a combination of five while you spin with the highest wager.

The egg with the stripes is also paying exceptionally well for a non-feature symbol as it has a top prize of 6000.00 credits. Then there is the third egg with the bubble motive printed on it. This egg is worth a top prize of 600.00 credits. Smaller payouts can also be made with the blue flower, which has a maximum reward of 360.00 credits. Lastly, there are four symbols that pay a top reward of 75.00 credits. These symbols are the yellow flower, the pink flower, the garland and the little chick that has just hedged from an egg.

Easily Adjust Your Games and Wagers to Influence the Spin Outcome

Reward values are determined by the symbol combinations that appear on the reels, but also by the way you place your wagers. To have an influence on the outcomes of your spins, you need to adjust the game play buttons before you make any spins. There are several quick and easy ways in which you can make changes to the game.

On the bottom left corner of the screen you can see the "bet per line" arrows. Adjust the bet per line in a value that ranges from a minimum value of 0.03 to a maximum value of 3.00. Next to the "bet per line" display, you can see the "lines" adjustment option. A minimum of five pay-lines need to be active during a spin, but you can up that number to a maximum of 10. Next to the "lines" functionality, you can see the win display, and the spin button is positioned next to that display.

On the right side of the spin button is a key that lets you adjust the auto play settings, and the "max bet" key is placed on the far right of the command bar. The paytable button, the balance display, the current bet display, the music toggle key, the sound toggle key, the information button and the exit game button are placed on the top of the game screen.

Enhance Your Mood and Your Bankroll with Great Eggspectations Slots

If you are an online gambler who not only loves to hang out at virtual casino but also feels strongly connected to the countryside and to the Easter festivities, then there is perhaps no better way to enjoy all of those things all at once via one great slot title. And as its name jokingly suggests, this game can indeed give you great eggspectations, because its paytable shows some impressive rewards that could fall into your hands when you take on its reels. Grab your coins, visit a Booming Games casino platform, and get into a spring and farm live mood while you make your profits at the good vibes triggering Great Eggspectations Slots game.