Alien Invasion Slots

Alien Invasion - Three for Three

Some players may find slot machines with three reels more manageable than five or seven reels. Understandably, many players who prefer slot machines take them because it is easier to play compared to other online casino games. The rules are less complicated, and there aren’t much symbols to watch out for, and paylines can be just as good as other slot machines with more reels. Alien Invasion gives you three reels with three paylines for simple, unadulterated fun. At Golden Slots, you can get it simple. Read our Lincoln casino review for more information about the casino and it's promotions.

No Frills Rules

Rules are easy to follow with Alien Invasion. This makes sense since players will be playing a single payline for this particular slot machine. Payouts will take place only on the central payline. Payout may increase with every coin that a player puts into play. Check for the winning combination that falls on the active playline.

Getting a laser gun symbol is actually the wild symbol that can be used to substitute for other symbols to help the player win the three combination payout according to the table. It may help double or even quadruple the winnings for a player. The winnings are calculated based on the bet amount and its number, too. On its own, a combination of three laser guns on 3 coin bets gives the player the most according to the payout table. See how this compares to 3 spaceships, 3 galaxies, 3 planets, 3 tentacle aliens, 3 sharp tooth aliens, 3 insect aliens, and 1 alien face on any payline.

Alien Invasion on a Roll

The game starts rolling after hitting BET ONE for your first coin bet and succeeding paylines you wish to play. You can get more out of it if you click on BET MAX which lets you get the maximum game play. Get the reels running after placing your bets with the SPIN button and see how the reels would turn out. On other instances, you may want to stop the reels yourself, and this can be easily accomplished by clicking on STOP NOW. Check your combinations for winners.

The game Alien Invasion lets you get hooked to the game easily for a number of good reasons. It’s simple. The payouts are good, and aliens have always been a favorite topic for some decades now. Many belie the existence of aliens, but one cannot say the same for slot machines because they are here to stay.