National Week of the Ocean

Our planet earth is covered with beautiful water, so let’s celebrate with some ocean themed slots on National Week of the Ocean.

Enjoy Caribbean beach life with Ocean Dreams Slots

Dive on into the Caribbean lifestyle and enjoy all the sights and sounds of the beaches and ocean on this 5 reels 25 paylines video slots game from Real Time Gaming. This slots game brings everything great about the Caribbean to you including all the reggae music with cool steel drum band sounds that really make you feel like you’re there. You’ll be dancing all night long to the music and fish with loads of free spins, multipliers, win-win feature, jackpots and a random progressive jackpot. Soon as you see the spectacular colors and graphics on this game you can almost feel the sand in your toes and see the gorgeous blue water. All the tropical fish illustrations are painted to perfection on the symbols and you can see them all spinning around like in the ocean you’ll find an Orca, Gold Orca, Island, Fish, Shell, Seahorse, Crab, Ace, King, Queen, Jack, Ten and a Nine. The Orca and the Gold Orca are the two wild symbols and the Island is the scatter symbol. Once you find yourself indulged into Caribbean life head on over to the jackpots as there are some real treasures to be found starting at $7,500 for 4 Seahorse with 1 Gold Orca or $10,000 for 3 Orcas with 1 Gold Orca or for 4 Fish with 1 Gold Orca. You can vacation in the Caribbean for a very long time when you win $100,000 for 4 Orcas with 1 Gold Orca. Then it’s off to the Ocean Dreams Slots Bonus game where you can sail away with 10, 25 or 100 free spins. All the prizes are doubled here and you can buy your own island when you win $200,000 for 5 Gold Orcas.

Make a splash and win playing Dolphin Coast Slots

You’re going to love swimming around with these friendly ocean creatures on this 5 reels with 3,125 ways to win video slots game from Microgaming. This game is really deep with ways to win and so many features like free spins, multipliers, jackpots, wild dolphin bonus, gamble feature and you can get 7.5 million coins. Just imagine that you’re in the beautiful warm tropical waters with all the bright colorful fish, swimming around and taking it all in. The pleasant music is fresh and lively and really fits this game. It’s the blue ocean colors and magically illustrated symbols that make you feel like you’re underwater swimming around in the ocean with a Sea Turtle, Huge Fish, Medusa, Stripy Fish, Sea Horse, Sea Star, Dolphin, a Scattered Fish and Dolphin Coast Logo. The Dolphin is the wild symbol and the Scattered Fish is the scatter symbol. The scatter symbol can come in real handy and can fill up your fish tank with lots of prizes. If you’re playing the maximum bet of $10 you can win $1,000 and if you get 3 or more Scattered Fish on the reels you can win even more lucky free spins. Now it’s time for you swim on over to the Dolphin Coast Slots Bonus game where you can win the big cash prizes. Once you’re in the bonus game all you have to do is get the 3 scatter symbols on the reels and you can get 15, 20 or 25 free spins. It’s also here where you can win the $150,000 and the free spins can be retriggered. Before you surface on these waters make sure you experience the hidden treasures of the Wild Dolphin Bonus where you can uncover multipliers and win $16,000.

Your ocean is full of treasures at Jelly Fish Jaunt Slots

Search the ocean blue and you will find enough hidden treasures to fill up a Spanish Galleon on this 5 reels 25 paylines video slots game from Microgaming. You will see lots of fun and friendly sea creatures along the way when you see this colorful world waiting for you to discover. Start your underwater journey with lots of free spins, wild multipliers, jackpots and a bonus game. The music and sounds of this game will make you feel like a diving explorer. You will be all equipped to go, so get ready to find your treasures. There is so much to see, vivid, bright colors and all the animated symbol illustrations are painted realistically so you can explore the underwater world with a Submarine, Diver, Treasure, Fish, Jellyfish, Snorkel and mask, Ace, King, Queen, Jack, Ten and a Nine. The Diver is the wild symbol and the Submarine is the scatter symbol. Set your trajectory for the Jelly Fish Jaunt Slots Bonus game and swim away with an amazing $135,000 for 5 Divers. You will be winning on the ocean blue when you find all the treasures you can see during National Week of the Ocean.