Harbour Master Slots

Love the sea and the beach? Then you will enjoy setting your ship of chance sailing with the Harbour Master online slots game from Liberty Slots casino.

Harbour Master Slots: Look and Feel

The Harbour Master is obviously a slot game with a harbour theme. However, unlike other marine-inspired games, this has classy and unobtrusive graphics. Not for Harbour Master are wildly colourful, cartoon-like backgrounds and symbols. Here, you'll get the real deal – a background showing a stunning vista of a picturesque Liberty Slots complete with an azure sea and dotted with yachts, cruisers, and other seagoing vessels. Gaze at this beautiful backdrop and you'll find it easy to imagine yourself as a true harbour master.

To go with the wonderful background, the actual game symbols look refined and understated. The reels are predominantly slate gray. The symbols themselves (the sail boats, the yachts and the binoculars) are done in other shades of gray with a touch of blue and red for accents. Only the compass symbols, three of which make up the highest combination, are done in golden yellow shades; the clock symbol has a touch of yellow, too.

Harbour Master is a slot game that truly raises the bar in slot design. But, of course, you're not playing slots to look at the view or to admire the way the colours blend to yield a very peaceful and elegant interface. What else can you expect from Harbour Master?

Harbour Master Rules and Payouts

Harbour Master is basically a traditional slot game. There are only three reels, one payline, and 5 winning combinations. You can bet a coin from 10 cents to 10 dollars and you can bet 1 up to 5 coins.

It is very easy to determine whether you win this game or not. Even without consulting the paytable, a combination of three identical symbols on the payline will give you a prize. Only the clock symbol deviates from this pattern. If you see any clock symbol anywhere on the reels, you automatically win!

Harbour Master also rewards max bettors. A max bet spin that results in 3 compass symbols on the payline will win you the jackpot of 1500 coins! You'll win considerably fewer coins if you bet less than maximum at that winning spin. Thus, if you want to win the jackpot, you should always bet five coins.

Try your hand at being a harbour master. Play Harbour Master now at Liberty Slots Casino!