Luxury Liners Slots

Remember the 'Love Boat?' Cruise ships have been the watchword of elegance since the 1930s. Originally created to facilitate speedy transit of long-haul routes with famous names like the Queen Elizabeth and Queen Elizabeth II, the luxury liner has since turned into a very popular tour vehicle, a match for any land hotel in opulence, and now – the theme in a Lincoln Casino famous slot game - Liners Slots.

Luxury Liners Winning Combinations and Jackpot

Luxury Liners Slots is a traditional 3-reel slot game with a single payline. There are ten winning combination; these are listed at the pay schedule at the right of the reels. The symbols are also pretty traditional: cherries, bars (the usual three variants) and sevens. Of course, Luxury Liners' trademark symbol is a cruise ship or Liner. There are also symbols that will win you no prize.

Getting one cherry on the payline, will win you 2, 4 or 5 coins depending on the number of coins you bet on that spin. In Luxury Liners, you can bet a minimum of 1 coin and a maximum of 3 coins. The minimum dollar value of each coin is $0.10 while the maximum is $10.

Other winning combinations include 2 cherries, 3 cherries, 3 bars of any variant, 3 single bars, 3 two-bar symbols, 3 three-bar symbols, and a 3-symbol combination of liners and 7s (e.g. 1 liner and 2 7s), and the winning combination with the highest payout is 3 liners.

With Luxury Liners, the jackpot is worth 2500 coins. However, this can be won only in a bet max play. In case you land 3 liners on a one- or a two-coin spin, you will win only 500 or 1000 coins, respectively. Thus, if you are feeling particularly lucky, you should bet max.

By the way, you can stop the reels from spinning any time you want by using the Stop Spin button right beside the Spin button at the lower part of the gaming interface.

The Look

Luxury Liners has a clean-looking game interface. The graphics will not win Luxury Liners any awards in the best design category, but they are nevertheless satisfactory. It is more important that Luxury Liners loads fast, and that the buttons are visible and responsive.

Luxury Liners Slots

Luxury Liners is another simple, easy-to-use and easy-to-play slot game that rewards daring players. If you are one of those, you should give Luxury Liners a spin.