Pay Day Slots

At first glance, you might think of Pay Day slots as just another slot game. However, take a second glance. You may be surious as to why this slot game has so many slot players when it looks just like every other slot game. The reason is because Pay Day Slots is one of the slot games that has become a popular choice among players at LibertySlots Casino. This is not surprising at all. What Pay Day slots lacks in appeal, it more than makes up for through its amazing benefits and perks. With Pay Day slots, you will surely be lured by the promises of big bucks.

What Pay Day is All About

Pay Day slots is all about having a good time. You might think initially that the game title sorely lacks appeal. Many people would agree to this. But this isn’t exactly what makes this game at LibertySlots Casino such a hit among slot gamers, slot fans or not. Pay Day brings to you that amazing adage that will surely leave you asking for more. After all, else can you spend a hefty portion of your paycheck than in slot games that offer a bang for the money once you win? The symbols or icons in the game also do not help. It will leave you hungry for some more action with the abundant seven symbols and the ubiquitous Pay day logo. Again, the theme of Pay Day is only one aspect of what makes it a slot game worth of your time.

The Benefits and Bonuses of Pay Day

When you think of it, the rules of this 3 reel slot machine don’t really need much mulling over. Simply put, all you have to do is match all 3 symbols in each reel and align them in the center payline. You have to play all 3 coins in order to maximize your winnings in Pay Day. The real catch, however, is that in Pay Day slots, all you have to do is wait for the Pay Day symbol to appear. Once it appears, all your winnings shall be multiplied. Now, what’s even better is that when it appears more than once – twice, to be precise – your payout will be multiplied by 4. This is definitely a huge leap from the usual payouts that are guaranteed by most slot games. Plus, there is also the availability of a Wild Symbol in Pay Day slots, which can save your day if you lack one out of three symbols. Put away your troubles in an old kit bag and play Pay Day at LibertySlots Casino!