Lucky Fruity 7's Slots

If you are in the mood for playing slots that don’t have complex rules you need to understand in order to play, then you ought to try Lucky Fruit 7s Slots. Lincoln Casino’s Lucky Fruity 7s Slots is the perfect slot game for every online casino gamer who wants to witness their reels reek of multiple sevens. Aside from the well-loved theme of sevens, Lucky Fruity 7s offers big chances of winning – relatively bigger than other slot variations. This simple and elegant slot game truly matches the contemporary style of Lincoln Casino, where online casino gaming and topnotch services are supberb! At Lincoln Casino review page, you can find all needed information about this wonderful casino!

The Theme of Lucky Fruits Game

No less than a genius could have thought that the number seven must be paired with a fruit-themed slot game. The end result is Lucky Fruity 7s, where two major things will strike you - fruits and a lot of number seven. This may be, at first, a peculiar combination, but once you try Lucky Fruity 7s, you will find to your amazement a slot game that surprisingly delivers the goodies. This theme has captivated massive audiences around the globe and has continually sustained the popularity of Lincoln Casino. They truly bring out the best in this slot game because of the amazing services and bonuses offered, especially to slot games such as Lucky Fruity 7s. You can also expect the game to have no hang-ups, inasmuch as it offers one of the best site traffics in the online gambling circuit.

The Rules of Lucky Fruity 7s

Lucky Fruity 7s is as simple as any slot game can get. It is a 3-reel slot game, meaning that you only have to worry about matching 3 symbols in each of the three reels. It is a one payline slot game. Being a one payline slot game, you have to make sure that all three symbols match in perfect line in the center payline. You have to remember that all the symbols must match in the center payline because only then will you be paid the jackpot prize. In addition to these simple rules is a lovely bonus. In Lucky Fruity 7s, there is such a thing as a Wild Symbol, which can serve as a completing symbol for any two matching symbols. This means that if you have two matching symbols in the center payline and the Wild Symbol turns out, then it is worthily considered a winning