Big Foot Slots

Gamers, if you have ever fantasized about capturing Sasquatch, then you will thoroughly enjoy the slots game known as Bigfoot. Bigfoot is another name for the elusive ape-like creature that supposedly lives in the forests of the Pacific Northwest region of North America. Bigfoot Slots is a five reel, twenty-payline video slots game that has the mysterious Bigfoot monster as its theme. You will thrill to the adventure that is imminent to this game!

Winning Combos and Beautiful Backgrounds

When playing Bigfoot, you can have up to thirty-six winning combinations that pay various amounts. The wild symbol is of course, Bigfoot, while the scatter symbol is Bigfoot’s huge footprint. The wild symbol pays out when it settles upon reels 2, 3, and 4. When these symbols have been activated, they become animated for the entire time that they are paying out the winning combinations. The background changes during the free spins into a gorgeous winter scene featuring mountains and verdant trees enveloped in snow.

Bigfoot Icons and Guitar Music are Featured In Gameplay

This is a colorful game, with icons that include a campfire, a road sign, the sunrise, a Camper using a shortwave radio, and the usual alphabet letters and numbers in bright, cheerful colors. The reels of this game are set in a lush green wilderness with the sun rising in the background against a beautiful orange sky. You can also see Bigfoot’s footprints on the right hand side of the game screen – proof that the humongous creature is lurking about somewhere! You’ll usually be able to see him ambling through the forest when the wild and scatter symbols are activated. Though there is no music played in the main game, an interesting guitar tune is played while the free spins are active.

Scatter Payments Promise Wins

When two or more Footprint icons appear anywhere on the reels, Bigfoot slots offers the player a series of scatter payments. Three or more of the Footprint icons signify the beginning of the Free Spins bonus round. This is one of the most enjoyable bonus rounds available in a video slots game.

The Fun Filled Bonus Round

The screen image changes to another scene where the player will see five pairs of creepy eyes displayed in a pitch-dark area. One of these pairs of eyes belongs to Bigfoot, and the player must identify the correct set in three tries. If Bigfoot’s eyes are chosen on the first try, the player gets twenty free spins. If the correct pair of eyes is chosen on the second guess, the player receives fifteen free spins. If the player chooses the correct set of eyes on the third guess, he or she will receive ten free spins. The jackpot pays out a total of 500 coins when five Camper icons show up in an enabled payline. Coin sizes for the game range from one cent to ten dollars, and you can bet up to twenty coins for each spin. You will want to enjoy Bigfoot slots as often as possible, and now you can do so in the comfort of your own home.